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Lotus Knows IdeaJam Still Under Way!

Gran Canaria - Playa Las Canteras - Las Palmas de Gran CanariaAs you may have noticed already, the last few hours I have been relatively quiet over here in my blog and it is not that I have gone missing again with another business trip. No, not yet. Things have been rather busy at work, just like every other day, but the interesting thing is that those free moments I would usually dedicate to hang out in various social software spaces I have then dedicated to participating in an online massive idea generation event that IBM Lotus has organised and which started on Wednesday already. Yes, indeed, check out Lotus Knows IdeaJam.

This massive, indeed, event, is well under way already since it got started already on Wednesday, has been going on today and will be finishing off tomorrow. Yes, the usual 72 hours for these kind of online collaborative events where thousands of people flock into a single online space to share their ideas on how to do things better around a specific set of topics that have been predefined before.

There are lots and lots of things that I could say about the event itself, but instead I would just spare you and suggest you check out the lovely blog posts that other fellow IBM colleagues like Ed Brill, Todd Watson, or Luis Benitez, or other folks like Mitch Cohen or Bruce Elgort (Bruce has already shared tons of materials on the IdeaJam itself!) have been putting together over the last few hours.

Alternatively, you could also check out what other people have been saying both on the Internet Blogosphere and Twitter streams, for example. Or take a look as well into PlanetLotus, before you move on … Yes, I know! Lots of stuff going on!

Lotus Knows IdeaJam
Either way, Lotus Knows IdeaJam has been enjoying a tremendous success! The latest statistics, as I get to write this are as follows: 745 ideas | voted 11623 times | 1546 comments, which you would have to agree with me are rather impressive, not being even half way through the event itself!

So to give you a little bit of a glimpse of where I have been hanging out over the last few hours, and where you could go yourself by registering in a matter of seconds, and getting involved as well!, here you have got a couple of snap shots from the tags participants have been using so far and the Top 10 ideas under What’s Hot?

Lotus Knows IdeaJamThat’s not too bad. Quite the opposite! But if you would want to get a more in-depth look into some of the contents of those ideas that are being discuss in this IdeaJam event set up by IBM Lotus have a look into the following embedded snap shots I have put together below from some of the tags that would match closely the interests of this blog from all along.

You will be able to find plenty of really nice surprises all over the place and it would surely be quite exciting to see how things develop from here till the end of the IdeaJam event itself and, much more importantly, the outcome of the online event itself… Remember IBM’s InnovationJam and the kind of impact it had all around?

Yes, indeed, I can’t wait to go back, keep jamming along, share ideas, comment on other people’s ideas, vote, promote, vote and promote again and have an overall good fun knowing I am contributing, just like anyone else, into something larger. Something good. Here you have got another teaser on what you are missing …

Not to worry, there is still plenty of time for you to chime in! Come and join us. TODAY!!! We are waiting for you to come along with us to help shape and co-create the company as we know it for the 21st century. Your company! Ready?

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