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Getting Started with Social Media by Euan Semple

Gran Canaria - Tenteniguada's ValleyTen days later I am back again! Re-surfacing back into the world of everything 2.0. Phew! Last week was probably one of the busiest weeks I can remember in my over 12 years that I have been working at IBM. Starting with a short business trip to Madrid to participate in a customer workshop on Social Software Adoption within a large enterprise to then finish up with meetings galore taken to the extreme that barely left me with time to do anything else for the rest of the week. So I decide to focus on nailing down that week and take a quick break from my regular blogging activities, knowing that things would be back to normal relatively shortly… Today, to be more precise.

And here I am, once again, picking things up with my usual regular blogging activities and wanting to share with you folks plenty of the stuff I have been exposed to from what I have been able to catch up with so far. Starting this time around with a series of short video interviews that I am sure you are going to enjoy quite a bit! Specially if you are a big fan, like I am, of Euan Semple.

That’s right! Just recently my good friend Euan Semple got interviewed for GuruOnline to record a bunch of different hints and tips on how to get started with social software and the result of that set of short clips is "Getting Started with Social Media". Bill Ives has already been sharing some further insights on what you could expect from the various videos over at The FASTFoward Blog under "Euan Semple Provides Advice on Social Media Adoption" and it surely is a good read, to say the least, too!

The reason why I said you are about to enjoy quite a bit the various different video mini-interviews that Euan has done is because he will provide you with plenty of pretty candid advice on how you can get things going with social networking at your company; no fancy words, not speculation as to how one thing would work over the other, no complicated consultancy jargon to get you lost on the within the first five minutes, but quite the opposite: very inspiring, straightforward messages on what works, and what may not work, and plenty of useful advice you can apply to any business context, whether you are in the IT industry or whatever other industry. Just that good!

To try to reproduce Euan’s words in this blog post would probably not do enough justice to all of the pearls of wisdom he gets to share over 15 short clips, so I am just going to stop over here for a minute and perhaps just list the titles of each of the videos, so you have got a chance to glimpse what I can certainly recommend you start watching soon enough and get yourself immersed with all of the very insightful experiences, know-how and extensive knowledge Euan has got to offer on the concept of Social Computing within the Enterprise (i.e. Enterprise 2.0):

  1. "Why should businesses get involved with social media?
  2. How should businesses get involved with social media?
  3. What common elements are there to social media?
  4. How practical is social media to business?
  5. How does social media affect the business culture?
  6. What attributes in business are more likely to make people succeed with social media?
  7. How do I justify social media in terms of ROI?
  8. What difference does social media make to business effectiveness?
  9. What are the changing expectations of staff regarding the use of Social Media?
  10. How do I get the right mix of tools to help people be productive?
  11. Does social media work for everybody?
  12. What are the perceived risks to using social media?
  13. Is social media just a passing fad?
  14. How are these tools changing the marketing message?
  15. How do I start a social media journey?"

Indeed, 15 different, very short, amazing video clips with plenty of golden nuggets in each of them! It’s good to come back again into the world of the blogosphere with your own blog, after some heads down work on stuff you are passionate about and sharing some link love to an outstanding piece of work that I am sure is going to help everyone, but specially those of us, social software evangelists, in paving out the road towards the full embracing of social software within the corporate environment, whichever that may well be!

Oh, and since I didn’t reproduce any of the wonderful gems that Euan shared throughout each and everyone of those clips, I am sure you may be wondering which ones are my favourite ones, right? Well, if you have been reading this blog for a while now, I am certain you would be able to come up with the Top 3 or Top 5 … Want to have a guess? 😉

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