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Gran Canaria - Tenteniguada's ValleyYeah, I know! Funny blog title, eh? I mean, it’s Friday; end of another long week at work with plenty of really exciting things happening all over the place; all wrapped up with some evil plans (*evil grin*) in the making with a couple of good friends from Germany; a final phone call for a workshop I will be participating in beginning next week in Madrid (Yes, I’ll be on the road again, although for a short time!), around the topic of Enterprise 2.0 and Social Software Adoption in a large Enterprise environment and yet, here I am, putting together this blog post and giving it the title "Blank!"

Funny, eh? Well, probably even more so… Earlier on this week, my friend Claire Flanagan shared a link to a YouTube video that I not only thought it was hilarious on its own, but equally provocative on the current state of things we live with all of this consumer Web 2.0 stuff. Blank!

And never better said, indeed! Ever thought of your brand, whether your own personal brand or the corporate brand from your business, and how it is been seeing out there on the Internet? Ever thought what it could look like in all of that open and participatory, as well as collaborative Web 2.0?

Well, look no further! I was just about to post the highlights blog post from Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston for Day 1 of the conference, but thought that for this casual Friday spirit I would share this other post instead. Specially since while watching through it you would be able to relate to it quite a bit, even more so if you have been involved with Web 2.0 and the prosumers space of the 21st century. And pondering some more on this very same topic, for most of the folks who were at the event, and who care for their (corporate) brand quite a bit, you will see there is more than one strong connection with the main theme of the video clip itself. Because after all "When advocates talk, brands grow…" (You would have to agree that’s a great byline!)

Unfortunately, I can’t embed the video link over here since I am getting this lovely message "Embedding disabled by request", (Pretty ironic, too, don’t you think?), so you will need to head over there by clicking on this link. But, believe me, it’s worth the under 3 minute watch!

Have a good one everyone!

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  1. Awesome! I just love this little video – what a gem. And you know, I don’t feel bad that I haven’t done my own conference wrap up blog yet. Whew!

  2. Hiya, Claire! Many many thanks for the great hat tip of pointing us all to the video clip and then for sharing with us the version that folks can embed into their own blog posts. I think it’s a terrific fun & spot on video clip we should all watch to try to learn what this 2.0 social software is all about. Certainly, very educational and fun at the same time!

    Thanks again for sharing it across! Greatly appreciated!

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