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Enterprise 2.0 Conference – What to Expect – Day 3

And with this one other blog post I am just about to put together I’m concluding what you can expect from the upcoming Enterprise 2.0 conference event, taking place in Boston, and which will start in just a few hours from now. This time around with a shorter agenda items, since it only lasts till mid-day, but equally packed with plenty of things to look forward to. So here you have got some further insights on what to expect for Day 3 and where I will be hanging out during the course of the day. Let’s see if this time around I can keep things on the shorter side…

  • Reality 2.0: Enterprise Social Networks (A Field Research Study) #e2conf24 with Mike Gotta, which I am sure will be another great speaker session from Mike, detailing some of the really good work he has been doing on the research study on Enterprise 2.0. Alas there will be a couple of other conflicts to fight with in this same time slot:

    Starting with Social Software – Creating Value Today, Establishing Opportunity Tomorrow – Sponsored by IBM #e2conf48 with Jeff Schick which I think would be a rather interesting session for folks wanting to find out plenty more what IBM is doing in the space of Enterprise Social Software with nifty and powerful offerings like IBM’s Lotus Connections. But, there will be another conflict in between with this one as well, for me. Goodness!

    The Outlook for Enterprise 2.0 Abroad #e2conf50 with Oliver Marks moderating the panel and with Richard Collin, Soren Stamer, Thomas Vander Wal and Luis Suarez as the speakers. Yes, that’s right; yours truly is going to miss both Mike’s and Jeff’s sessions, because at the last minute I have kindly been invited to participate in this particular panel with such an International panel of participants that I just couldn’t refuse. Specially, when the topic of the panel will be around how the market conditions and adoption of Enterprise 2.0 outside of North America. Stay tuned, because our panel will be rather provocative, putting on the table some of the challenges for adoption of social software that most folks don’t want to talk about … (Sorry, that’s how far I can say for now … heh)

  • After trying to solve that conflict with the agenda, the next session I will be attending will be the one on Twitter-like Tools for the Enterprise #e2conf20 with Gil Yehuda as the moderator and David Schwartz, Mark Dowds, Ross Mayfield, Tim Young and Yoshi Maisami as the main speakers which I am sure would be a rather fascinating panel on the role of microsharing / microblogging tools on the Enterprise and their role in changing the way we communicate, collaborate and share knowledge. Perhaps one of my favourite topics as of late, judging by my own interactions using several of these tools on a daily basis, both internal and external…

    But, once again, there will be another conflict, because I also would want to attend this particular session from a fellow IBM colleague, and really good friend, who after all of these years I will have the chance to finally meet up face to face!, Jennifer Okimoto, with Enterprise Web 2.0 Anti-Patterns, ROI and Metrics #e2conf29. Originally this session was going to be done by another good friend, and now former IBMer: Aaron Kim, but unfortunately Aaron won’t be at the conference (Although he will be thoroughly missed! For sure!), so Jen will be chiming in instead. So I will need to see how I can resolve this second conflict of the day …

  • And, finally, the last session of the day that I will be attending will be this one: Strategies for Building Sustainable Online Communities #e2conf46 with Oliver Marks, again as moderator, and with Andy Fox, David Wormald and Ted Hopton as the speakers. Again my interest in attending this session comes from a long time experience having done community building for a while and always keen on learning plenty more, realising that we may still be at the tip of the iceberg on all there is to know about managing, facilitating and participating in online communities; one of the hottest topics in the Enterprise 2.0 world at the moment, specially with that growing obsession from every business to have a communities program. Well, this panel session will surely set the stage on how you can move further with the development and sustainability of those communities themselves. Really interesting topic, I am sure, specially, if you come to consider how communities are perhaps the major drivers of social software inside the corporate world…

And that would be it, folks. The event of events will then wrap up with the usual Enterprise 2.0 Town Hall #e2conf17 session; this time around with Steve Wylie, as the moderator, and Jessica Lipnack, Oliver Marks and Susan Scrupski as speakers, detailing what the event has been like, what we learned, our biggest ah-ha! moments of the event and the usual recollecting of feedback to provide an even better Enterprise 2.0 event in 2010!

Thus this blog post puts together the last final details before the show starts tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed this series of "What to Expect" from Enterprise 2.0 event in Boston. And let the fun begin! I may be able to share a couple of quick blog posts here and there in between, but remember that I will be live tweeting most of the time over at @elsuacon, as well as my usual twitterings over at @elsua.

Then later on, and over the following couple of weeks, I will be reflecting some more with highlight blog posts from each day on what I learn and detailing some more of the details I will be originally sharing through my live tweeting… And, finally, for the real social networking activities, the socialising part of the conference event, as usual there will be only one place; the one and only: Twitter through @elsua

Are we ready? Ready to be WOWed once again? I surely am!

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