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Enterprise 2.0 Conference – What to Expect – Day 1

And we are off on to the first day at the upcoming Enterprise 2.0 event in Boston, starting next week Tuesday, 23rd of June 2009. I have already put together a couple of blog posts about what to expect from the general announcement and the pre-event day, so this one will be about what will be happening during the Day 1 of the event itself and, more specifically, what I will be up to myself. Basically, what session(s) I will be attending that draw my interest the most.

This is going to be a day with a fully packed agenda, and since I will be expecting to do plenty of live tweeting from most of the sessions I think I’m just going to keep things rather short and add a line or two next to the sessions I am planning to attend. That way you folks get an idea of what I will be up to, and, much more interestingly, you can already have a good sneak preview of the kind of topics Day 1 will have for us all. Thus without much further ado, here are the list of session(s) I’m planning to attend so far:

  • Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom: How Online Social Networking Will Transform Your Life, Work and World #e2conf9 with Matthew Fraser – Where I’d expect a good reality check on how social networking has got more to do with a lifestyle fully embracing the Social Web than just about a bunch of social software tools. No, I haven’t read the book just yet (On my To-Read list…)
  • Open Enterprise 2009 #e2conf11 with Stowe Boyd & Oliver Marks – Where they will both be presenting to us their key findings on the Open Enterprise 2.0 initiative they have been working on and which I have blogged about already a couple of times… I am sure this session is going to be one of the key highlights from the entire event! No doubt!
  • Winning Open Enterprise 2009 Case Study #e2conf12 with Stowe and Oliver, once again, where they will announce one company that "will emerge from this process as a business that truly exemplifies these goals and will present their case study at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference." Intrigued … (Is all I can say so far!)
  • Enterprise 2.0 Reality Check – What’s Working, What’s Not, What’s Next #e2conf10 with Matthew Fraser, Christian Finn, Nate Nash, Neil Callahan and Ross Mayfield – The first panel session of the day and, I am certain, the first reality check on where Enterprise 2.0 is, and where it is heading… I expect this one to be an eye opener for most of us…
  • Lessons Learned From Internal Communities #e2conf30 with Peter Kim, Jamie Pappas, Joan DiMicco and Patricia Romeo – My interest on this one? Well, I have been doing online facilitation, online virtual communities / community building since 2001 and I still feel I’m at the beginning of the learning curve. So I want to learn more! And I know I will with this session…
  • Transition Strategies for E2.0 Adoption #e2conf26 with Lee Bryant AND / OR Help! Marcom Doesn’t Get Social Media! #e2conf19 with Maggie Fox, Chris Almond, Gil Yehuda, Marius Ciortea and Robin Bordoli – Yes, I know! First double conflict of the conference that I will be facing, since both sessions look really good! There is very little that I’d probably have to say about Lee that I haven’t said it already; always insightful; always knowledgeable; in short, a must watch! But then what can I say about folks like Maggie, Chris and Gil, who I know and have followed for a long while now, and always learn something new from them? A perfect chance to get to know both Marius and Robin, don’t you think? Well, let’s see how I resolve this conflict …
  • How Twitter Changes Everything #e2conf21 with Jessica Lipnack, Bill Ives, Clara Shih, Isaac Garcia and Patti Anklam AND / OR Open Enterprise 2009 In Depth #e2conf37 with with Stowe Boyd & Oliver Marks – Arrrggghh! 2nd conflicting items in the agenda for the conference! My decision as to which one to make would pretty much depend on the morning sessions with Stowe and Oliver; right now I am feeling pretty inclined towards listening to folks I have followed and admired for a while in the Knowledge Management and Virtual Collaboration space, like Jessica, Bill and Patti, and excited to get to find out plenty more about Clara and Isaac! Plus most folks know already my everlasting love / hate relationship with Twitter, so wondering whether this session will finally make me go either way! We shall see…

And that’s it, folks, for Day 1! Pretty intense and exciting, don’t you think? Like I said, these are the sessions that I plan to attend and, as such, I will be looking forward to sharing further insights live, while we are there, through my tweets over at @elsuacon. Then later in the evening there are a couple of various different networking events, but, like I said, I will be putting together a short blog post detailing plenty more details about my favourite activity while at conferences… Stay tuned!

And get ready! In the next few hours I will be sharing the sessions I plan to attend for Day 2! And watch it, because there will be conflicts again! I told ya, *so* much to experience this year! Where will you be next week? I hope to see you there!

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