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Trip to Boston to Attend Enterprise 2.0 Conference Event

As you may have seen already from my Dopplr account it’s that time of the year where it looks like I will be on the road again. And this time around to attend what, to me, still is considered the Enterprise 2.0 event of events: Enterprise 2.0, in Boston, MA (Taking place June 22nd to June 25th 2009). Yes, that’s right! This coming Saturday, June 20th, I will be on my way to Boston to go and prepare for plenty of exciting things happening during the course of next week. Just wonderful!

There is just so much happening before, during and after the event itself that I doubt I would be able to fit it all in a single blog post. So this year I have decided to take a different approach and perhaps put together a bunch of blog posts over the next few days that will detail a little bit what it is that you would be able to find over there, if you get a chance to attend the event live or remotely, if you can’t make it this time around. But let me tell you that it will surely be plenty of good fun! All over the place!

You will be able to get a glimpse of the quality of the keynote and breakout sessions if you peek quickly through the agenda itself. Later on this week I will be sharing with you folks my already selected agenda of the stuff I will be looking forward to. It hasn’t been an easy choice, I tell you, but I am sure it will be worth it. And very much so!

At the Enterprise 2.0 Blog you will already be able to get a taster of some of the amazing stuff that will be happening there, during the event, like witnessing the Launch Pad Final Four main stage presenters that will be there (Watch out for Manymoon as one of the most impressive new ideas coming out there in the Enterprise 2.0 space!) or checking out for yourself some of the key findings that both Oliver Marks and Stowe Boyd has been going through with their Open Enterprise 2.0 initiative, launched earlier on this year, and whose results they will presented during the event.

And the list of happenings goes on and on and on! Non stop! Like I said, I will be blogging over the next couple of days on some of the really good stuff you should go, check out and follow up further with, because there is just so much to share across and talk about that one or two entries are not going to do justice to the kind of stuff we will be exposed to as we are getting closer to the kickoff of the event!

As usual, and, like I have been doing at most face to face conference events that I have attended so far, there is a great chance that I will be live tweeting at @elsuacon, more thank live con-blogging (I will be putting together blog posts with highlights on a per day basis digesting through my notes captured through the live tweeting itself). This time around there is going to be a fundamental change on how the conference has been running all along. The focus, this time around, will be around making use of Twitter to help folks enhance the face to face experience(s). And to such extent, if you check out the agenda itself, you will notice how each keynote and breakout session has got its own hash tag! Thus following up with each and everyone of the sessions will be much faster and easier for everyone, whether you are attending live or virtually.

But there are some other really cool things happening. All of the sessions will be recorded through video and made available at some point. So there is a great chance that we would be able to catch up through various different highlights on what the sessions were like, if we can’t be there in the same room. W00t! At the same time all of the keynote speaker sessions will be live streamed, too!, so you will have a chance to get a taster on what to expect from the rest of the event itself. Double w00t!

This year, at Enterprise 2.0 in Boston, there will be more case studies than ever before, giving a chance to those attending face to face to find out plenty more how pioneering companies from all over the world have been able to deploy successfully Enterprise 2.0 techniques getting all the benefits from this new model of engagement, both inside and outside of the firewall.

I have been assured that the wi-fi during the event will have some really high expectations that it will be working just right this time around, as opposed to some of the irks we experienced last year, which, to me, is music to my ears, because there will be plenty of really good stuff we would want to capture live, while in there, and spread it around as much as we possibly can! And that’s something I’m more than happy to experience beginning of next week, when the event kicks off… Fingers crossed that everything will work out just fine! 🙂

Phew! Already going on the long side for this blog post. I told you, there are just so many more cool things to share about Enterprise 2.0 in Boston next week! I will wrap up, for now, mentioning that I will be arriving into Boston on late Saturday evening and will be there till Friday afternoon, before flying back home. So if you would want to get together for a drink or two, or hanging out for a while, you know how you can contact me 😉

Finally, last, but not least, in case you may be a bit undecided just yet about making it to the Enterprise 2.0 event of events, go ahead and use this code (CNAPEB27) for 30% off a conference or workshop package, or a free Pavilion Pass, which sounds enticing enough to perhaps give it a try, if you happen to be around the area during the course of next week.

Either way, not to worry, in upcoming blog posts I will be trying to share with you folks some further insights on what to expect from the Enterprise 2.0 event in Boston, and how I plan to spend it while I am there! So far the overall agenda is piling up quite quickly, so hoping to be able to share the final details in the next few hours…

Are you going to miss out on Enterprise 2.0? I hope not. I just can’t wait for it to get started and begin to absorb plenty of key learnings on where Enterprise 2.0 is heading and where we all are at the moment. Ready for an Enterprise 2.0 reality check? I surely am, baby! 😀

I will see you there!

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    1. Hiya, Susan! Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Yes, indeed, I am building up already on the excitement that the event will be fantastic and, as usual, the networking will be one not to forget that easily! Which is why I am also really looking forward to seeing you there as well! Take good care and see you “in the carbon” soon!

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