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Toward Government 2.0 by Matt Hodgson

Gran Canaria - Pozo de las NievesContinuing further with the recent bunch of blog posts I have put together under the subject of Government 2.0, I thought I would come to the topic today, once again, after Twitter did its bit as my preferred dynamic RSS feed reader. That’s when I bumped into a superb video and presentation link on this very same subject by one of the folks who has been doing, for a while now, a tremendous amount of really good work around Knowledge Management & Enterprise 2.0, and which I have grown to admire and show plenty of respect over the years for his insightful and thought provoking ideas on how to make the most from social software in a business environment and beyond.

I am talking, of course, about Matt Hodgson, author of the highly recommended Matt’s Musings blog, in case you may not have subscribed to it just yet, and where, earlier on today, he shared a blog post under the title "Toward Government 2.0". In that article you will be able to read through about a presentation he will be doing to "a number of executives and committees this week on Web 2.0 and its use in government — ie: Government 2.0".

It’s a 76 slide deck that you will be able to breeze through rather quickly, but you will be exposed to such a level of incredibly inspiring gems in it that you will be digesting it little by little and for a long while. So many slides with incredibly powerful messages on how governments, in general, can tune in into making use of social software to engage with 21st century’s (Net) citizens 2.0 that this blog post would not do it justice to just name a few. Yes, indeed, it is that good!

You can check out the slide deck directly over at Slideshare, or you could also flip over through the pages in the embedded version shared below:

But before you eventually do all of that, I would strongly encourage you, as a taster, and a little bit of a teaser, too, to check out this YouTube video he also shared earlier on and which will help set the stage of what you will be able to find in the overall deck. It lasts for a little bit over 90 seconds, but, believe me, it will be worth it. It’s incredibly well done and it touches base on most of the items that the presentation deals with in much more detail. The title of the YouTube video is "How can government leverage Web 2.0?" and here you have got the embedded version as well:

I know that some folks out there might be questioning Matt’s reasoning behind both the video and the presentation, more than anything because of the extra focus on the current Web 2.0 and local government landscapes in Australia, but if you take that into the context of a specific country, your own country, you will see that the various challenges and, most importantly, the huge potential and ideas that Web 2.0 brings into the table, and which Matt nicely details further along, are eventually not all of that different from our very own. Wherever we may well be… Quite the opposite! So …

Welcome to 21st century Citizenship 2.0! Our (Your) Voice!

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  1. Hi Luis

    Thanks so very much for the kind words. I’m pleased you enjoyed the material and I hope your readers get as much out of it as you did.

    With thanks
    Matt 🙂

    1. Hi Matt! Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Greatly appreciated! Yes, I am sure my readers would benefit from such outstanding materials on the challenges and opportunities lying ahead for both government and their citizens to help shape a new kind of govern. I just can’t wait to help keep spreading the message around. There is just so much potential, yet so little engagement! We need to be able to change that trend and ensure citizens are empowered to engage back with those who govern them. It’s a two way street, not a dead end! 😀

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