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Do You Suffer from Information Overload Syndrome?

Gran Canaria - Pozo de las NievesOk, ok, I know, it’s Friday. Almost time for the weekend! Almost nearly ready to disconnect and unwind from everything! And this time around after one of those long weeks that would surely make you look forward to an extended break to enjoy the lovely summer just around the corner and everything, right?

So, to such extent, I thought I would go to for a lighter blog post today, one that will inject a smile or two, a giggle or two, perhaps, or, just simply, a good laugh to help you get going with what’s left of this working week… And, of course, it is going to make you think a little bit as well on a problem that plenty of folks seem to have been advocating for since forever, although I have got other opinions on this very same topic

Not going to say much more and spoil the theme of the YouTube video, so, without much further ado, here is the direct link and the embedded version of it:

Hilariously funny, don’t you think? With a rather thought-provoking question underlying throughout the entire video clip: but can you relate to it? Can you identify yourself in the video? … Hold it, don’t try to answer that one just yet… Enjoy the rest of the weekend and then come back next week and share a comment or two on whether you need some help … Or not 😀

And, in the mean time, if you would want to watch another very short video clip that has got a good number of knowledge nuggets to ponder and think about for a while, as well as learn plenty from each and everyone of them, may I suggest you check out  as well this YouTube vido interview with one of my favourite, and good friend, Enterprise 2.0, KM, Social Computing people: Euan Semple (Yes, in case you may not have noticed just recently, his blog has changed address! So go and update your essential bookmarks, too!):

Have a good one everyone!

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  1. Oh boy, that IOS video is so funny!!! I’m still sore laughing, especially that guy walking through the window. I definitely need help, gonna go see the doctor tomorrow 😉

    1. Hi Frank! LOL! Thanks for the kind words and really glad you enjoyed the video! I thought it was hilarious and had to share it! No other choice, I am afraid, as we are all preparing our way to see the doc tomorrow. Unless bad filtering gets fixed! 🙂 heh

      Thanks for dropping by!

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