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SOMESSO London 2009 – My Favourite Highlights

Gran Canaria - Pozo de las NievesLike I have mentioned in the recent past, I didn’t get a chance to make it to SOMESSO London 2009 this time around, due to a couple of conflicts I had with my work agenda; however, that didn’t mean that I didn’t have a chance to catch up, virtually, with all of the really interesting presentations and conversations that went throughout the event and shortly afterwards as well. And now the excitement is coming back again as in the last few days the SOMESSO London 2009 videos from each of those speaker sessions are becoming available for everyone to enjoy! Just wonderful!

And, of course, I already have got a few favourite sessions that I thought I would drop a quick blog post about and share with you folks some of them, so you could have a look and enjoy them just as much as I did already. I am not planning on detailing the contents of each of them, but I can certainly guarantee you that if you have been reading this blog for a while now you will enjoy each and everyone of them!

Thus, instead, what I will be doing is just sharing a quick introductory one liner of what you can expect from each session and then I will share the embedded version of it, so you can start playing whichever one accordingly. I tell you, there are lots and lots of great content, ideas, experiences and thought leadership to share across! So let’s get started!

Marilyn Pratt – "Leading Stakeholder Communities": if you have been doing community building for a while, or if you are interested in running successful communities, her presentation would be one you should really take a look at! Her innovative approach on how to manage, errr, I mean facilitate communities is incredibly refreshing in showing the path to follow for those of us community builders:

Link: Marilyn Pratt

Stowe Boyd – "Unmarketing and the Webful Brand": very little I can say  on this one about Stowe that may not be known already by folks out there. He actually put together a very good, and worth while reading (Including the commentary!), summary with some extended notes from his session, where I will leave you with this gem: "Web culture is not a place where identity based on the brands of goods. Identity in this culture is about relationships, activities, and aspirations"

Link: Stowe Boyd @ Somesso London 09

Lee Bryant – "Designing twenty-first century organisations with social tools": what I like the most from Lee’s thought-provoking session was how we are at a point in time where we need to start moving away from the industrial / labour era and culture into that one of the knowledge economy of the 21st century: that one of embracing social software to collaborate and share your knowledge across much more efficiently and effectively. So much to learn!

Link: Lee Bryant

Eugene Lee – "Internal communications: Improving relations and efficiency": and if you think that so far you have been watching some rather provocative sessions, Eugene’s is just as much. Why? Because more than anything else he sets the stage of how social software should transcend the marketing & IT departments (Like it’s happening today!) to try to reach every single part of the business. And beyond! Regardless! (Yes, I know, his session is impregnated throughout with all of the good things that Knowledge Sharing (KM) was first envisioned as a few years back! Love it!!)

Link: Eugene Lee @ Somesso London 09

Andy Piper – "Knowledge Management: Security, Intellectual Property and Privacy": and, finally, last, but not least, for today is the presentation from my fellow colleague, and good friend, Andy, who talked about IBM‘s approach towards social computing & social software adoption, and which I have already blogged about a couple of weeks back…

Link: Andy Piper

Thus, like I have mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, time for me to keep quiet for a little while longer and leave you with these video replays from each and everyone of these very interesting, enlightening and eye-opening presentations that surely will keep you thinking for a while. They certainly have taught me a thing or two that will keep my head spinning around the tremendous possibilities and potential of the social networking world we are living in at the moment… Did you spot the common trend transpiring from each and everyone of them?

Hope you enjoy them! (Just as much as I did!)

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  1. Hi Luis, thanks for the recommendation. Though I’m raving about the possibility of seeing all these presentations online, often I don’t take the time.. will try to view one of those!

    1. Hi Joitske! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the feedback comments! I know what you mean exactly, so, if you would want to pick one of them to watch as perhaps the most compelling one, may I suggest you check the one from Lee Bryant. It’s perhaps one of the most thought-provoking and amazing sessions I have seen in a while … Then, one step at a time, for the others heh

      PS. Oh, given your background around communities and communities of practice you should also watch Marilyn Pratt’s session. An eye opener, to say the least, on managing communities…

      Hope you enjoy them!

  2. Luis, As one of your big fans I’m totally humbled by your graciousness in mentioning my presentation. I would have considered it an honor to have met you personally in London. I’m still waiting for the chance when you come to NYC. Your colleague Andy was amazing and in terms of content, the day kept me charged. Couldn’t have asked for a better collection of presenters. Thanks for pulling this together here.

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