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SOMESSO 2009 – Openness and Innovation in a Web 2.0 World by Andy Piper

Gran Canaria - Driving through the countrysideLast week took place one of those conference events that surely has carried on with the conversations all over the place around the subject of social computing within the enterprise. And for many more days to come! I am sure. Yes, that’s right! Last week SOMESSO 2009 (The Corporate Social Media Conference) took place in London and it surely produced quite a stir with some really interesting presentations & topics around social media; and although I couldn’t make it to the conference myself, I surely had the opportunity to catch up with some of the various online interactions available in multiple places. Really worth while catching up with it, in case you may not have done that just yet.

However, today, and while we are all waiting for the various video clips from the conference keynote and breakout sessions to become available online for us all to enjoy further, I thought I would point you to one that I am sure you will enjoy quite a bit, specially if you are interested in how a large corporation like IBM is making use of social software to help drive openness and innovation into new levels.

Check out Openness and Innovation in a Web 2.0 World by my good friend, and fellow colleague, Andy Piper, which he presented to a nice crowd on Friday morning. Then, as a follow up, I would recommend you have a look into a couple of blog posts he shared late last week to help provide plenty more context and background on the purpose of the slide deck he used.

In that presentation you will be to see how a large business like IBM decided to support and fully embrace social software a few years back, by continuing to trust its employees to extend further on the already strong corporate brand, bringing out thousands and thousands of strong, passionate and committed voices who all along have been understanding what it is like this new wave of social interactions in a corporate environment in order to help boost knowledge sharing and collaboration across the board. And doing all of that in a trustworthy, prepared and enabled culture environment where a key strong message resonates out loud: do not fear!

I can’t wait to watch the video recording of Andy’s pitch, as I am sure it was as thought-provoking and revealing as his slide deck is, but for now, and, while we wait for that clip to become available online, we will have to enjoy his deck over at Slideshare and the blog posts I referenced above. And that’s just the beginning, folks. Wait till some of the other outstanding sessions become available as well…

Like I said, one event on social computing within the enterprise to remember! And for a while!!

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  1. Wonderful post! The presentation touches on some key ideas organizations are truly struggling to comprehend. The natural tendency is to make an effort to stem the flow of information and outside contact. But this very tendency is counterproductive and stifles the collaboration that can generate so much creativity and innovation.

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