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World Wide Web in Plain English

Gran Canaria - Degollada de las YeguasWhile still pondering a number of different things on how I am going to continue make use of various social software tools, specially outside of the firewall (Almost there, by the way, in case you are wondering…), here I am again sharing a blog post referencing another video link that I just couldn’t help but spread the message around some more. It’s just too good to ignore it, just like that.

I do realise though that it’s one of those video clips whose content most of your folks out there would know all about it already, but following the theme I started yesterday with transcending the Web, here we have got, once again, the brilliant folks behind Commoncraft (Lee & Sachi LeFever), back at it with a new video that’s starting to spread around like wildfire: World Wide Web in Plain English.

I am sure I am not the only one on this … but, for a good number of months, I have been all along recommending most of the series of … in Plain English videos to all of those folks who were keen on getting started with their own adoption of social software, but didn’t know how to get started. For a good number of months I have been consistently recommending people to check out each and everyone of those Commoncraft videos if they would want to get it in a matter of just that … minutes!

And now, it looks like both Lee and Sachi are back at it again in full force! But this time with a difference. A video clip of just over three minutes that shows everyone out there, who may not know just yet, what the World Wide Web is all about. Just another stunning piece of work! One that while I got through it a few minutes ago I just couldn’t help thinking that you can’t be too young, or too old enough, to get exposed to! Yes, that brilliant!

A video clip that I wish I had access to it about 12 years ago, when I was first starting to get exposed to the Internet coming from a strong background around the world of the IBM Mainframe (Remember those days?). Can you imagine the difference this video would have made in how I would have gotten started exploring the Web versus the initial skepticism we all experienced and went through? Can you imagine what it could do to all of those folks who own a computer nowadays, but perhaps are too afraid still to experience fully the Web?

That’s just exactly why I thought I would share a link to that video clip in this blog, so I would get an opportunity to help spread the message around on how we can all continue to transcend the Web and make it part of both our daily personal and business lives. In short, an integral part of us… I just wish the video would be available in other languages, so that I could show my mum where I get to hang out every day (with my friends and colleagues) and convince her how close we could well be, despite the long distance

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  1. I agree with your article totally. I have taught myself most of what I have learned about the web, marketing, etc but I still get stuck when articles are writtewn in geekspeak and I don’t totally understand them. Yes, let’s have more in plain English.

    1. Hi Louie Jemore, thanks for dropping by and for the kind comments! Yes, I certainly agree with you that if more of our Web speak would be more “… in plain English”, just like the Commoncraft super fine materials we would be seeing a completely different game out there! I just hope we would have the opportunity to keep building around them and make our jobs easier, because so far they have had such a huge impact it would be difficult to ignore them!

      Let’s try to keep things simple and ensure everyone has got a chance to participate! That’s the whole point behind the 2.0 movement. So let’s not spoil it, indeed!

      Thanks for chiming in and for sharing your thoughts!

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