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The Machine Is Us/ing Us – Transcending the Web

Gran Canaria - Degollada de las YeguasAs you may have noticed, over the last few days I haven’t been blogging much over here in this blog, mainly due to lots of things happening while at work (Some of which I am hoping to be able to share plenty more about over the next few days…, specially since it deals mostly with adoption of these new tools), but at the same time mostly because I have been taking a break from various social networking activities to reflect on how I would want to pursue further my own adoption of social software.

No, I am not going away any time soon, nor quitting any of the already existing social tools I have been using for a while. What I have been doing lately is giving it some further thought on how I would want to spend my time not only exploring social computing within the enterprise, but also how I could help spread the message around with its wider adoption. Once again, I sensed how I was starting to spread thinner than what I would have hoped for and therefore it was time to re-group again and think about how I would want to make continued used of these social tools.

I am sure over time I will be able to share with you folks my new approach towards some of the tools I have been using for a while; some of them rather surprising, and a couple of them rather thought-provoking (Like my continued use of Twitter, for instance), but for now I just wanted to let folks know that I am back to my usual regular blogging activities with plenty of really cool stuff to share with you all.

Starting with a YouTube video which, to me, represents something I have been mentioning as far back as 2002 with regards to what Web 2.0 is all about and what it means for us, not just as Internet end-users, but more as a modern, post-industrial society overall: it has never been (Nor will it be … ever) about the tools themselves, but it will continue to be all about us, as humans, most capable of transcending the Web and allowing us to change ourselves on not only who we are, but also what we do and live for in the current times…

Remember the wonderful video clip The Machine is Us/ing Us, that I blogged about a little while ago, that Michael Wesch put together and that changed our views on what the Web 2.0 movement was all about, well, check out The Machine is Us/ing Us – Dance Mix (And which Michael also referenced under the title “The Machine is Us/ing Us – Dance Mix“) where you can clearly see what I meant with Web 2.0 transcending the Web…

It is one of those YouTube videos that will surely give you goose bumps (It surely did to me and managed to bring me back to life as far as my blogging activities are concerned) and will remain a strong reminder for us all that Web 2.0 and social software, for that matter, are not just about the tools, quite the contrary, it’s all about us, our Internet culture, our ability to experience the Web in ways we never thought we could, mainly by reaching out and connecting with other people, to, in the end, help each and everyone of us make a difference!

What a performance!

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  1. Thanks for the post, Luis. Loved the Youtube video – I hadn’t seen Michael Wesch’s original video, so this morning has already been revolutionary for me – what a great way to present Web2.0 to those that don’t get it so far…

  2. Luis–

    Thank you for this post. I too was quite struck and moved by the video. Help us make a difference indeed. I love the surprise 2/3 of the way through akin to but different from breaking through the Fourth Wall (or proscenium).


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