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Open Enterprise 2009 – Charlene Li Interviewed by Stowe Boyd

Gran Canaria - Puerto de MoganIf in a recent blog post I was eventually talking about the wonderful initiative that both Stowe Boyd and Oliver Marks started a little while ago on the topic of Open Enterprise 2.0, and which they will be presenting their key findings at the upcoming Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston in June, I thought I would touch base on that very same subject again, specially after having gone through another one of the superb interviews they are currently doing at the moment.

I mentioned in the past how folks should really check out those interviews from both JP Rangaswami and Andy McAfee, amongst many others. Well, I guess you will now have to add that one up from Charlene Li as well, because it is just as good, educational and thought-provoking, as those from JP & Andy. Some really good stuff!

Head over to Open Enterprise 2009: Charlene Li Interview and hit play (Or watch it directly here with the embedded link shared below) for an entertaining exchange of some of the following ideas:

  1. On Leadership
  2. On Bottom-up or Top-Down (This is something I will be blogging about it, too, to share some further insights on the topic)
  3. On the Power Shift as Cultural Barrier
  4. On Tools
  5. On Blogs
  6. On 10 Years Ahead

Also watch out towards the end of the interview with Charlene, because both Stowe and herself make some interesting points on the evolution that email should be following with the emergence of social software within the enterprise, specially with the introduction of microsharing tools, both inside and outside of the corporate firewall. Some pretty fascinating and eye opening stuff! Highly recommended watching it throughout! No doubt!

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