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The Company as Wiki by Best Buy

Gran Canaria - Puerto de MoganContinuing further with interesting video links that describe how large businesses are making use of social software, both inside and outside of the firewall, to help improve the way knowledge workers collaborate and share their knowledge (And how they can enhance their own interactions with their customers), here is another one I bumped into a couple of days back and which I can certainly recommend as being very insightful and thought-provoking, specially for those folks who may not buy too much into the concept of social computing within the corporate world.

The video describes in a bit over four and a half minutes how Best Buy dived into the world of Web 2.0 to create the next generation of collaboration and knowledge sharing tools within the company to help employees connect with one another across the various different sites and share their knowledge in smarter ways. Concepts like facilitating a working environment where knowledge workers can make extensive use of social software with applications like Blueshirtnation (BSN), The WaterCooler, wikis, Loop Markeplace (Idea Management a la IBM‘s ThinkPlace), TagTrade, Geek Squad, etc. are some of the most interesting things happening at Best Buy while they are getting exposed to social software in a corporate environment.

The video clip itself touches base as well on something as important as well as very relevant nowadays: business values, at the same time that it includes a couple of very insightful quotes from Don Tapscott on how disruptive enterprise social software can be within any business. Like I said at the beginning, a worth while watching video! For sure!

You see? That wasn’t that difficult, was it? Yet, the many benefits mentioned are just far too many to let them go by, just like that! Is your business ready to dive in? The waters, as usual, are lovely! 🙂

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  1. Its good to finally see this transition in the corporate world. This will hopefully help them retain gen-y employees on a more engaged level.

    Lots of good stuff happening around us.

    Thanks for the post and keep up the great work!!

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