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LotusLive Engage – Collaboration with Customers Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Gran Canaria - Puerto de MoganAs you may have noticed, the last couple of days I have been a little bit quiet on the blogging front, trying to catch up my breath after having gone through some of the busiest couple of weeks I have experienced in a little while. And mostly due to a good number of exciting news that have been going on in the area of Enterprise 2.0, specially related to IBM. A couple of them I may not be able to comment on just yet (Once I get the clearance to go ahead I shall do, not to worry), but I can certainly share a couple of insights on all the others.

And now that I am enjoying a couple of days off at work (Happy Easter to everyone out there who may be celebrating it!!), I thought I would get back into the full swing of things and share with you a couple of blog posts I have been working on in the last few hours.

If last week I shared a whole bunch of links to some rather educational and enlightening presentation materials around the subject of social computing within the enterprise, this week I shall be sharing a few links to some very interesting video clips, but around the very same subject. They come from various different contexts, but they are all very relevant to the topics I get to talk on this blog, so let’s get things going. Without much further ado, here is the first one…

Remember that blog post I put together a little while ago around the subject of "How to Collaborate with Customers without Using e-mail", where I was talked about the super fine Lotus Greenhouse? Well, it looks like collaboration with customers just got a little bit easier! Earlier on this week you may have seen some of the various announcements on how IBM’s LotusLive Engage is now out of beta and available to everyone out there.

I am pretty excited about this announcement and about LotusLive Engage itself (Formerly known, while in beta, as Bluehouse) for multiple various reasons, which I will be talking about over time, but for now just want to follow up on that blog post I mentioned above where now that it is live, up and running and out of beta, it’s probably going to become one of the collaboration and knowledge sharing tools I’m going to consistently keep using, specially when reaching out and getting in touch with customers, helping me continue living "A World Without Email" (Pretty funny that it has got a sheer amount of great features and email is not one of them, eh?!).

Like I said already, over time I will be sharing plenty more details on how LotusLive Engage works and everything, but to give you folks a taster of what to expect check out this video clip (From the IBMLotusLive YouTube channel, and a bit over 3 minutes long):

Oh, and if you want to watch another video that explains what it can do, but with a touch of humour, check out LotusLive.com – Collaborating just got a whole lot easier… (A bit over 3 minutes as well)

And now you have gone through those two videos, let me share with you a couple of follow up links, if you would want to find out more about LotusLive Engage. First, the very helpful wiki that has been put together around the offering itself and which can be found over here. Then, finally, the LotusLive Blog that the fine folks from Collaboration Matters (a.k.a. Stu McIntyre) have put together and where you will be able to find out more details on the overall launch and some of its most compelling features.

Yes, indeed, like I mentioned on the title of this blog post, Collaboration with customers just got a whole lot easier…

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