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The Social Media Experiment Is Over by Adam Christensen

Gran Canaria - Puerto de MoganAnd it looks like I will keep flooding you folks this week (Perhaps just this one more time!) with interesting presentations I have bumped into, or that other people have forwarded to me as they come right along my areas of interest and focus, specially in the area of Social Computing within the Enterprise (a.k.a. Enterprise 2.0). Thus here is the last one, at least, for this week, and perhaps for the next few days as well, to give everyone out there a short break.

The next presentation I am going to talk to you about though is eventually one that I have enjoyed myself quite a bit as it puts together some interesting slides on how IBM is making extensive and good use of social software, both internal and external, at the same time that it details as well how social software is influencing IBM’s involvement with A Smarter Planet (An initiative I am sure most of you have heard about already).

For some background information on the presentation, check out this blog post from my good friend (And fellow IBMer) Adam Christensen under the title: Berlin presentation: The experiment is over (now it’s time to get real value out of social media). It’s a deck he just used this week to go and present in Berlin at the fine and always interesting re:publica and which he introduces in that blog post with thought-provoking quotes such as this one: "[…]Which is why I think we are at a point where experimentation for the sake of experimentation is over […]"

Adam talks as well, both in that post, as well as in the slide deck, on the topic of Jams (In particular, the InnovationJam) as the originator of much of what has been happening with A Smarter Planet (In case you would want further background information on that topic) and I can certainly confirm that it makes up for some interesting reading.

Either way, I want to keep this blog post short, so with that introduction, and without much further ado, here you have got the direct link to the slides (In Slideshare) and also the embedded version (Check out slide #11, if you are interested in further details on IBM’s adoption of social software, both inside and outside the firewall):

And if after going through that slide deck from Adam you would still want to learn and find out more, check out this 4:51 minute long video interview where Adam gives a bit more background on the main purpose of what he tried to achieve with such thought-provoking proposal: it is now the perfect time for us to terminate with the social media experiment and about time to get down to business! What do you think? Are you ready?

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  1. An excellent presentation by Adam and kudos to IBM and all its efforts up to now which really show the way for other companies to follow. Another interesting perspective is what the public sector and political institutions can learn from opening up data, conversations and mainly minds (their own of course). Too many people and institutions still just “don’t get it” (i.e they “are not ready”). This I tried to highlight in my recent blog post where IBM Jams, Innocentive and SAGE are three examples of innovation that I put forward (btw, check SAGE if you don’t know it already). But I think that “institutional inertia” is probably the single most important obstacle in those efforts; Let’s remember that there is an assymetry: Technology is way ahead of appropriate mentality. Thanks Luis for your great blog.

    1. Hi Vassilis! Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for the wonderful follow up commentary! You surely are right that the example Adam talks about is one of leading by example in the very same terms that we should see right away under the current Government environment. any government. Transparency is a key thing, indeed, but true engagement with your citizens is perhaps even more important; to give them an opportunity to share with you how they would like to see their own country and other fellow citizens is becoming incredibly more paramount than letting those with the power lead, just because they won an election. Such times are over, no doubt.

      And your blog post on Innovation or perish is just spot on with this way of thinking. Yes, it may take a little while for the governments to catch up, yet, I don’t think they have got a choice any longer. Social Networking is opening up the world and government and public sector is not an exception any longer!

      Check out this other blog post I shared a little while ago on another presentation from Tara Hunt (a.k.a. missrogue) on Government Next. Times are changing, and there is no reason why governments should, too!

      (Oh, and thanks much for the kind feedback, Vassilis, on the blog. It is greatly appreciated)

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