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A World Without Email – Year 2, Week 7 (Open Enterprise 2009 with Oliver Marks)

Gran Canaria - Puerto de MoganI am not sure what’s going on, but this week promises to be one of the most hectic at work I may have experienced to date!, to the point where I am starting to feel withdrawal symptoms from my various social networks, both internal and external, that I usually hang out with and that’s something that I am not starting to enjoy much, since it brings me back memories of how I used to work in my lovely (NOT!) silo a long while ago! I have got to do something about it! And soon!

And that’s why I thought I would drop by again and put together the next blog post on the weekly progress report of my "A World Without Email" series, just before I would freak out from the whole thing! Talking about an unbalanced busyness versus burstiness, eh?

Anyway, let’s get down to the business. Here is the weekly progress report with the snapshot on what happened last week with my giving up on email at work. Good news, I can tell you!; if not , have a look into:

A World Without Email - Year 2, Week 7

Yes, indeed, as you may have been able to see, I am back on track with my follow up challenge on reducing my incoming email count on to the 20 emails, or less!, a week mark. For week 7, right on target: 20 emails received, with a couple of peaks on Tuesday and Friday, but doing pretty good overall with the other days.

I was hopeful that things would settle back into the usual swing of things, yet, I can tell you, from watching what’s been happening this week so far, how I am back into the yo-yo effect I described last year in a couple of blog posts, because between yesterday and today I have already passed the total amount of emails from last week! And it’s only Tuesday!! (Ouch! Going to be a long week!).

Oh, well, let’s move on to sharing with you one interesting link that I hope you would enjoy, just as much as I did, as it touches on a recent videoconference I did with my good friend Oliver Marks on the topic of Enterprise 2.0.

Oliver is actually co-leading (along with the always inspiring Stowe Boyd) one of those really cool initiatives you know are not only very insightful, but also very much needed. Yes, certainly, I am talking about Open Enterprise 2.0. An initiative where both Stowe and Oliver are trying to "discover what enterprises are learning about Web 2.0 technologies and the practices to apply them productively" and whose results they would be presenting at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston in June. Believe me, a very much worth while initiative to follow up on if you would want to figure out where the corporate world is with their adoption of social software in the enterprise (Enterprise 2.0).

So far they have been doing a good bunch of different brilliant video interviews (Watch this one with Andy McAfee or this other one with JP Rangaswami to get a taster of the quality of the conversations), along with a whole bunch of other stuff (Go through this one video, for instance, where they are both giving an update on how things are going so far …), with a bunch of really smart, thought-provoking, inspiring and rather wise thought leaders in the social computing space and last week I had the great pleasure and honour of doing a Skype videoconference with Oliver where we discussed a number of different topics:

  • Social Software adoption at IBM (Where I basically describe a little bit what my day to day job is like as a social computing evangelist)
  • Knowledge is power vs. Knowledge shared is power (and the state of social software adoption in Europe, as well as KM & Collaboration)
  • Biggest challenge for social software … mobile (workforce) 2.0.
  • Benefits of social software within the corporate firewall and beyond
  • And, of course, the initiative I have been involved for the last 14 months: A World Without Email.

The video lasts for a little bit under 30 minutes and you would be able to play it from Oliver’s blog post at the Enterprise 2.0 Blog or directly from the embedded version below:

Thanks much, Oliver, for the opportunity and for the great conversation! I had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed it! Look forward to seeing you at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston!

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