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The Sweettt Podcast – Episodes 9 and 10 – We Are Back!

Sometimes things are just so incredibly busy that you lose track of time and before you realise it, several months go by, and you feel pretty bad that you haven’t blogged about something that is so close to your heart for how wonderful the overall experience is that you don’t know where to hide anymore! Well, indeed, that’s exactly how I felt today, in the midst of a full day of meetings galore!, when I became aware it has been quite a long time since the last blog post I put together for our dear Sweettt Podcast! Yes, that Modern Salon, or Tertulia 2.0 podcast, as both my good friend, and co-host, Matt Simpson and myself like to call it, that we have been doing for a little while now.

Indeed, last time I blogged about The Sweettt Podcast was in November last year! Ouch! That hurt! I cannot believe that it’s been that long already! Where does the time go, eh?!?! Not to worry, every so often we have been able to get together and record some amazing conversations with some really interesting folks in the area of Enterprise 2.0, Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration, plus our usual 1:1 conversations on whatever else is left out there …

However, I thought I would pick up the subject again, specially after talking to Matt and announcing we have fixed the issues with the iTunes store (Finally, you can now subscribed to our podcast by going into this link!) and let you know that since last time I blogged about it, we have got two more episodes for you to enjoy:

  1. Sweettt.com – Episode 9 – Put Your Innovation Where Your Mouth Is – Part 2 of August 22nd Discussion
  2. Sweettt.com – Episode 10 – Information Flow – Part 1

Plus plenty more that will get posted over the course of time. Yes, we know, we could be a bit more regular on our sharing of the various recorded episodes. And we are working on it! Eventually, we are also going to change a little the scheme we have been using when announcing those different episodes.

Instead of putting together rather lengthy blogs posts where we share extensive show notes, including some fancy tagcloud visualisations with the wonderfully crafter Wordle, we decided we don’t want to be the bottleneck, so from now onwards expect rather shorter entries, like this one, with one or two lines explaining the major themes we discussed on the podcast and from there onwards we are going to leave it up to you to go and listen to the various episodes and share your thoughts / comments to keep the dialogue going.

And that’s it! I guess we are back in the game! The Sweettt Podcast feed is now finally fixed and we are ready to keep those conversations flowing. Are you ready to join us? Do let us know! Get in touch! We would be delighted to have you on the show!

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