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Lost Generation

Gran Canaria - Puerto de Mogan's BeachI know that plenty of people out there do not buy into the digital divide; I do realise that plenty of people out there do not think there are various generations at work trying to understand one another in getting the job done, while each of them follows their own ways of doing things; that there isn’t such thing as generation X, or generation Y, or the baby boomers themselves adding further up into that divide; that it is all part of that increasing buzzword bingo game we all get exposed to every now and then when we go to conferences, attend workshops, talk to customers, etc. etc.

But then again, the magic of serendipity kicks in, and you bump into one of those video clips that will certainly make you think about things twice; that eventually questions those disbeliefs, demonstrating that there may well be something out there that we keep missing or ignoring and that we know is going to hit us back soon enough. That we are closer than ever to witness that transition into the Social Computing realm within the corporate world and beyond; that we are already living it through; and that those younger generations surely know what lies ahead, what changes and what challenges they are facing, and how they see themselves, and those around them, in their own near future within the enterprise.

Yes, through that serendipitous knowledge discovery process, last week, over in Twitter, I kept bumping into what has been one of the most inspirational videos I have watched in a little while! It lasts for nearly two minutes and it comes under the intriguing title of "Lost Generation". The video clip itself is well worth watching it through all the way and it will surely remind you that there is something to be said about how the younger generations feel not only about their working relationships, but also about their personal lives, their hopes, their expectations, their way of life, their everything. And if not, coming pretty close. Not going to say much more about it, other than encouraging you all folks to have a look and watch it. It will be worth your time. Even better, it will make you think about all of these things with a different view / perspective.

In short, it will provide you with a smashing start of the week with a truly inspirational message indicating how we are witnessing that change in the corporate world that probably doesn’t have a way back out of it. And, eventually, we shouldn’t!

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