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Talking about Learning in Business by Jay Cross

Gran Canaria - Risco Blanco & Pozo de las NievesI am sure you would agree with me the last couple of blog posts I have been sharing over here are rather lengthy, don’t you think? So to try to tame the beast once again, and get back into that full swing of shorter articles, I thought I would share with you one of those shorter ones, yet, a rather thought-provoking and engaging one!

It is eventually linking to a videocast from one of the folks I have been following and admiring for a long while now, who is successfully shaking the corporate ground trying to wake us all up into new, much more engaging, meaningful, efficient and effective methods for Learning while at work. Yes, of course, I am talking about Jay Cross and his passion about Informal Learning.

Check out this YouTube video he has just shared a few hours ago and which clearly settles the ground as to what’s going to be the next challenge for the enterprise while shifting gears with regards to its outdated Learning programs and how social software will play a paramount role in that change. I will just leave you with the video which lasts for a little over three minutes and this precious quote from his dissertation:

"Learning is the key survival skill for getting along in a fast changing world"

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  1. Luis, my friend, you and Google have just helped me out. I was looking for a reference to cite about the value of discovery in our company’s internal online community. The Google results weren’t what I wanted, but at the bottom were links from people in my network, and that led me here, and then you led me to Jay Cross… and I found just the citation I needed (and learned some new things, too). Thanks, power of network information curation!

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