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Launch Day of Communities and Networks Connection

For a good number of years, almost from the very beginning since I have gotten involved rather heavily with social software in my role both as a Knowledge Manager and Community Builder, I have been saying that the major drivers of social software adoption within the enterprise are communities, whichever flavour you would want to consider (of Practice, of Interest, of Purpose, etc. etc.). Any corporate social computing strategy that doesn’t take into account a community building program to help spread the message on social networking is bound to fail. And big time!

So, when both my good friends Nancy White and Tony Karrer kindly invited me to take part of the superb initiative they just launched called "Communities and Networks Connection" where the contents of my blog http://www.elsua.net will be syndicated to provide some further insights on how communities and (social) networks are shaping the wider adoption of social tools within the corporate world and beyond, I just couldn’t resist such lovely offer.

And here we are! On the first day of the launch of "Communities and Networks Connection" and with plenty of excitement building up already. Both Nancy and Tony have already kicked things off by sharing a couple of blog posts on the topic, respectively. I would recommend you get to read both of those articles, specially Tony’s, since he has basically shared all of the details on how this new Web site would work out eventually. Some pretty fascinating stuff I’m not going to reveal much about so that you get to read it inside out from here.

After you are done with Tony’s entry, go and head over to Nancy’s, because in it you would find one of the reasons why I am really excited about this launch: yes, the indeed, the superb quality of the folks who are also joining this particular aggregated network of networks.

I am sure that you would be rather familiar with most of them. T N T — The Network Thinker with Valdis Krebs, Michael Sampson, Matt Moore, Lilia Efimova, Jenny Ambrozek and Victoria Axelrod at 21st Century Organization and Jessica Lipnack are just a few of the ones I know and have been following already for a long while!; some others I respect and follow religiously have already blogged about the kick off with examples like John Tropea (With another excellent read!), Mike Gotta, The super fine Anecdote team, the folks over at FreshNetworks and Joitske Hulsebosch.

Thus as you can see a tremendous potential for Communities and Networks Connection. And I know that for some people out there this new Web site would seem like just another Web aggregator of content from a bunch of very insightful folks in the space of communities and social networks. Well, that’s not the case, folks; like I said, read Tony’s blog post to see the scope of what’s different with this new site that has gone live today. You will see that it will change the game substantially from everything we have seen already and I just can’t wait to be part of it!

Welcome to the Communities and Networks Connection!

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