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Why Intel Is Investing in Social Computing – Leading by Example

Gran Canaria - Roque BentaigaRemember the blog posts I put together yesterday on the topic of "Just Do The Right Thing" by the wonderfully gifted industry analyst / blogger Rachel Happe? Well, today I thought I would share with you what I exactly meant yesterday with that article and also what Rachel probably meant as well in hers: stop all the fuss you are going through to figure out the ROI of social software, and, instead, just go ahead and do it! Plain and simple!

So along those lines here you have got a brilliant blog post put together by my good friend Laurie Buczek (Enterprise Social Media Program Manager at Intel), where she is basically detailing, quite nicely, why Intel is moving in the direction of a successful social software adoption starting very soon. Yes, indeed, walking the talk and leading by example!

What’s eventually remarkable about Laurie’s blog post is that throughout the entire article you won’t see a single mention of business value of Social Software, or figuring out the Return of Investment (ROI) of social software. They are just doing it! They are doing the right thing! And I am really excited to hear that, even though probably not as excited as they may all well be seeing it coming to light in the next few days! Fabulous piece of news, don’t you think?

As a taster of what you will be able to find throughout the blog entry (Not going to reproduce it over here, not to worry) I thought I would share, though, the headlines, the reasons Laurie mentions as to why Intel is investing in Social Computing. I bet most of those reasons would give you plenty of food for thought on your own adoption efforts and perhaps a hint or two on how to overcome some of the hurdles you may still be facing … So here there are:

  • "Employees Want to Put a Face to a Name
  • Too much time is lost to find people & information to do your job
  • Getting work done effectively in globally dispersed teams is challenging
  • New hires want to have a way to integrate into Intel faster
  • Restructuring and employee redeployment impacts Organizational Health
  • We reinvent the wheel over and over again
  • We learn more via on the job training, then we do in a classroom
  • We need to deliver radical innovation in a mature company
  • When the mature workforce starts to retire, they carry knowledge out the door"

Like I said, one of those essential reads for those folks involved rather heavily in social software and social software adoption, who perhaps may be struggling to get the message across and who could do with a little bit of inspiration coming from another major corporation embracing social computing without all the fuss. Just leading by example!

Congratulations, Laurie!! Fantastic news is all I can say! Way to go!

Time now to enjoy the rest of the weekend! Have a good one everyone!

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