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Giving up on Work e-mail – Status Report on Week 50 (Impact of Social Software in HR)

Lotusphere 2009 - At the ShowcaseStill on the road, currently in Madrid (Where tomorrow I am scheduled to do a couple of internal events on Social Software at IBM), and after a rather interesting event in Orlando with Lotusphere 2009, here I am again back at my regular blogging, this time around with another weekly progress report on my quest to giving up e-mail at work that I have started a few months ago, as most of you already know.

I hope later on this week to be able to share with you some further insights on Lotusphere, as I am sure plenty of you would be interested in that very same topic. But for now, I’m going to continue sharing with you that weekly progress, so that you get to see what’s been like after the last couple of weeks with some interesting events and the transition into IBM Spain I’m about to complete a month of already! Thus without much further ado, here is the weekly report from last week:

Fighting e-mail - Progress Report - Week 50

Right on target, indeed! Like I have mentioned a couple of times already, now that I am consistently on the average of 20 to 30 e-mails a week, I have got a new target which is getting below 20 e-mails a week! And, as you would be able to see from the report above, I have managed to do that, even though I was gone from the office the entire week and my connection to the Internet was more than desirable. But yet, there it is, 16 e-mails!! Nice one!

And now, on to the interesting link that I have bumped into the last few days. This time around it is going to be a Spanish link, but still incredibly relevant to the overall discussion. It comes from Gonzalo Martin, who, so far, has put together one of the best review posts from a conference session I have done in the past, in this case EventoBlog, "El hombre que mató al correo electrónico", colaboración con EventoBlog, and who, this time around, created a very compelling, enlightening and educational presentation (Put together by himself with the help of his community! Yay!!) that describes the impact of Social Software in Human Resources: "Charla sobre medios sociales para los alumnos del máster de RRHH de la Carlos III".

In the past I have mentioned how HR needs to start getting their act together in order to benefit the most from Social Computing, because, in my own experience, and while talking to other folks, they seem to be the last ones getting on board (This recent blog post is just a small proof of it) and it shouldn’t be like that.

If HR is all about the people and for the people, then they should hurry up quite a bit and dive into social software right away, before they lose their touch with those very same people. Because once the train starts to move on, there is no way to catch up! Lucky enough, Gonzalo’s presentation sets up quite nicely the steps to follow in order to jump into the bandwagon and keep up with the conversation:

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  1. Hi Russell! Thanks a bunch for the feedback comments! Yes, that’s the intent actually. Since I can’t go down to zero right away, I am doing it gradually. First year between 20 and 30 a week and on the second year below 20, till it goes down to zero, or say 5 a week. That wouldn’t be too bad, eh? Well, I keep trying and see how things go further. And this year I am hoping to show much more concrete to folks out there how I am eventually doing it, so you can all join me 😉 heh

    Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Hi Gonzalo! Many thanks for the feedback! Eventually, it is all of us who keep pushing for these messages who will make our own efforts worth while. Sometimes it is not just a matter of following the tide, but eventually being part of it and shake the corporate world inside out what matters. That disruption is what we need, specially in times like these and I am surely glad you are also part of it!

    Thanks again for those lovely blog posts and for that great presentation!

    Greatly appreciated!

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