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IBM Lotusphere 2009 – Social Software Programs and Enablement Activities

Like I have just mentioned in a previous blog post, in a few hours from now I will be heading down to Orlando, FL, from Raleigh, NC (Where I have spent the last few days meeting up with my entire team), to attend and participate at the always exciting and exhilarating IBM event of events: Lotusphere 2009. Last year I attended this same event for the first time and as you would be able to see from my previous blogging on the topic I had a wonderful time. And it looks like this year it’s going to be even better!

More than anything else, because there is plenty going on already and the event hasn’t started just yet! And like last year, I will be heading down there with part of my team, the Social Software Programs and Enablement, a.k.a. BlueIQ, although this time around we will be doing plenty more stuff while attending the event. So I thought I would put together this blog post where I would be able to share with you folks, specially if you are going to be there in person, what we will be up to. So without much further ado here it goes:

  • MondayAmbassador welcome lunch 12:00-2pm: A whole bunch of the Social Computing ambassadors / evangelists from our community at IBM, along with Gina Poole, our team exec and VP of Social Software, will be there having lunch with us. Thus whether you are one of our BlueIQ Ambassadors community members or just want to perhaps become one, come and join us! Just look for the blue balloons!
  • Monday afternoon (3:15-4:15pm): Unsession #1Ted Stanton. Yes, that is right! If you would want to informally find out more about Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, Lotus Connections, ROI for Social Software and so on, come and join us at the fountain of the Dolphin hotel (Yes, that one!) where Ted will be sharing with us his various insights on the kind of impact of Enterprise 2.0 within the corporate world and perhaps share some further details on the Connections announcements from the morning, amongst many other things! Be there!
  • Tuesday – Ambassador dinner 7:45pm: Second chance to meet up with some of IBM’s brightest Social Computing evangelists who have made it into Lotusphere and enjoy a lovely dinner with them. And Gina will be there, too! (Me, too, of course! 😀 )
  • Late Tuesday morning (10:00 – 11:00am) – unsession #2 — Luis Suarez. Probably I wouldn’t need to say much more about this one, but if you would want to find out plenty more how I have successfully given up on e-mail at work, this would be your chance to come over and find out some more! Like, did you know that Lotusphere 2008 was the final "event" that made me start this quest?
  • Wednesday afternoon (1:30-2:30pm) – unsession #3 – on Lotus Mashups. This unsession would be the perfect opportunity for you folks if you would want to know plenty more about mashups and what IBM is doing in this space with the IBM Mashup Center.

Intense agenda, eh? Well, there is plenty more! At the same time that’s happening we will be hosting a booth under the theme "Social Software in Action" where my team and myself will be more than happy to share with you folks various details on how our program works in helping accelerate the adoption rate of social software within IBM. We have got a couple of demos on the tools which we use to keep evangelising everything related 2.0 into IBM, plenty of success stories to share from how other IBMers have been successfully adopting social software and become more productive as a result of it, anecdotes, experiences from our invaluable Ambassadors community and a whole lot more!

Feel free to drop by and talk to us! We would be more than happy to share with you what we have been doing successfully for over a year now! And if you just want to come by and say "Hi!" that is fine, too! Oh, and if you bring a coffee or tea with you for us, even better! 😀 heh

Another activity I will be participating in and for which I am very excited about is the one taking place on Monday at 6:15pm-7:15pm. A BOF: BOF409, where along with my good friends Stu McIntyre and Luis Benitez (My tocayo) will be talking "[…] through some of the real-world experiences that we’ve had implementing Lotus Connections and similar social software solutions, the value that organisations and individuals have gained from them, and some of the directions in which Connections might go in the future". Plus a couple of other surprises here and there …

Finally, and like I have been doing with all of the events I have been attending over time, I will surely be blogging plenty of the highlights from the event itself, taking a whole bunch of pictures, capture a few video clips here and there, and, of course, I will be doing plenty of live tweeting, as usual, over at @elsuacon. Oh, by the way, stay tuned, because there is something else coming up, too, that I won’t be mentioning much about just yet, but that would be really exciting when you get to find out more about it! It’s something we will be doing at Lotusphere, but will last us for months to come! For now, looking forward to an intense and exciting Lotusphere 2009!!

Are you ready?

I surely am and I hope you, too! And, like I have said above, if you would want to get in touch to say "Hi!", go for a drink or two to catch up with things or just check out what will we be up to, you know where to find us / me 😉

Update – January 19th: As usual, like in any live event there are always some last minute changes. So here we go: On the 19th of January unsession there is a change of agenda and time. The new time is at 3:15pm till 4:15pm and the change of the agenda is that we would have, indeed, Ted Stanton, but at the same time we are also privilege to have the remaining 30 minutes from Ted with my good friend, and tocayo, Luis Benitez, where he will be sharing some of his experiences in the Enterprise 2.0 world from various of his customer stories. Should be fun! We hope to see you there!

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