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Did You Know? Living in Exponential Times

And since we seem to be immersed with the visuals today, here is another YouTube video that will surely make you think on the topic of the impact of Technology and the Internet in our society. You may remember the series Did You Know? (Which I have been blogging about over here a couple of times), right? Well, here is another one along the same lines. But with some new facts coming together as well. Thus I don’t think I would need to say much more other than watch it (Lasts a little bit under 5 minutes):

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  1. Hi Swan! It surely is humbling, but rather inspirational. I doubt we would ever realise what we are witnessing at the moment and how Technology and the Internet will shape up our society, now and for good! Exciting times to be lived, indeed! And really glad to be part of them and dive right into it in full force! 😀

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