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Tumblr – elsua’s Clippings

Tumblr - elsua's clippingsIf you would remember, a couple of days back I mentioned how the Lifestream section from elsua.net, my personal & business blog, was going to start feeding content from the various social software spaces where I usually hang out;  most of which you folks are already very much aware of: Twitter, Flickr, Ma.gnolia, etc. etc.

I also mentioned how there would be a new (To me) social software tool out there I would be using during the course of 2009 and which I always wanted to take for a spin, but never found the opportunity. Well, I think it is now time for that to change!

As the title of this blog post states it is, of course, Tumblr! Welcome to elsua’s clippings!

Yes, that’s right. For the last few days I have already been using Tumblr and enjoying the experience quite a bit! It is incredibly easy to use and one of the things I like the most is how pervasive it is. You can post to it directly from the Web, or from various mobile devices (Including the iPhone 😉 ), from the desktop (With a widget), etc. So I just couldn’t say No! I have been wanting to dive in for quite a while, but never found the chance. Till now.

Thus what would you expect to find in elsua’s clippings? Well, to put it in very simple terms, everything that may be shorter than a blog post, but longer than a tweet! and which would very much deal with the stuff I’m interested in, both from a business and personal perspectives.

So far, for instance, I have been sharing some of my favourite YouTube videos, as well as some very interesting quotes I have bumped into, both from the online and offline world, and which, I think, are worth while noting. That would include relevant quotes from books I may have read till now.

Finally, you may be wondering what made me take the plunge and dive straight in, right? Well, three different folks I admire dearly, who have been using Tumblr for a little while already and whose tumblrings I have been enjoying quite a bit! (As well as their blogging and twittering!). Check out Stowe Boyd‘s /Ambivalence, Jay Cross’ & John Tropea‘s Snippets. Worth while subscribing to, don’t you think?

If you would want to follow up on elsua’s clippings, you can do so directly from the main Web site, its RSS feed or elsua.net’s Lifestream section. Hope you enjoy it just as much as I am sharing across all of those tidbits and interesting clippings one gets exposed to on a daily basis. Far too many to keep them private! 😀

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  1. Awesome, tumblr is a great platform for sharing, resharing and offering rich focused content. Looking forward to following your stream.

  2. Hi Ryan! Many thanks for dropping by and for the words of encouragement! I surely plan on continuing to make use of Tumblr as I am really enjoying the experience. I just wish I would be able to post to it offline, a la offline blogging fashion kind of thing and then the circle would be complete! We shall see. So far I am liking it quite a bit! 🙂

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