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Evento Blog 2008 – Highlights (Cough, Cough)

As I have mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I was planning to put together a number of different entries with the highlights from the superb EventoBlog 2008 that I attended in Seville, over the weekend, to then let you folks know some more of what the experience was like, my impressions, what I learned, some of the folks I have met, the outcome from my talk and some overall feedback, but alas, I think I am eventually going to start with something rather unusual. At least, first time that it happens to me after coming back from an event:


Yes, that’s right, as a consequence of having the air-conditioning of the venue, Hotel Barceló, really blown up, I have now returned back home and a couple of days later, I am almost knocked out by a nasty cold I am going through that’s not even helping me think very clearly either for that matter! Ouch!!!

And it looks like I haven’t been the only one either! A few of the folks I have connected with through Twitter after the event have also been commenting on the same thing. So it looks like the airco managed to knock us all out while at the venue! Double ouch!

What’s the immediate result of that, you may be wondering, right? Well, for me, that this is going to be the first blog post with some of the highlights from EventoBlog: a cold! And a nasty one, too! So you may need to excuse me for a couple of days while I try to recover with some hot chicken soup, hot milk & honey, some drugs (hehe, not that kind!) and see if in a couple of days I can come back up in full force with those reviews and on to my usual regular blogging.

So if you see this blog going dormant for a couple of days or so, you know why. The lovely, and apparently, very powerful air-conditioning from the venue event. And you know the worst part, that I mentioned it throughout the entire event how we needed to do something about it, and nothing happened, eventually. Oh, well … Next time, I guess…

Off now into recovery mode for the next day or so without blogging, probably. But fear not, I will be back! I will be back with those highlights entries and share with you some of the great stuff I experienced throughout those couple of days. This is just going to remain as an anecdote I am going to remember for a little while, since it’s been a few years since I had such a nasty cold hanging around!

Thus see you all in a couple of days …

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