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The Sweettt Podcast – Episode 8 – Inside and Outside the Firewall – Part 1 of August 22nd Discussion

It’s been a little while now since last time I posted about this. My holidays kicked in, a bunch of business trips followed and the usual catchup has delayed a bit the sharing of this blog post. Yes, indeed, as you may have seen it already, The Sweettt Show is back! And with that both Matt Simpson, my fellow co-host, and yours truly are back into the full swing of things with our podcasting series!

You may have noticed how over the last couple of weeks we have slowed down a bit. Like I said above already, it is in part due to my not being there for our weekly recordings, but we still get together and record the episodes which you can then listen and engage with at a later time, whenever we have got the opportunity to push them forward. And, as you may have noticed already, we are on Episode 8 already, this time around on the following topic: Inside and Outside the Firewall – Part 1 of August 22nd Discussion.

Matt already shared his show notes, which are an excellent read and a must go through, if you woud want to find out more on the essence of this particular episode, before you start listening to it. I will take the opportunity now, though, to recap and share my own show notes to provide you folks with an additional set of commentary that would help digest the content of the podcast or, at least, help venture what we have been talking about over the course of a bit over 35 minutes.

Thus here they are. I have tried to keep the same spirit and flow as with previous episodes, hoping to spark as well a smile here and there and hoping as well it would give you an opportunity to chime in with that special request that Matt mentions towards the end of the recording:

– Still lingering around on the awesome experience of the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston, back in June.
Robin Carey, from Social Media Today gets a mention. One of the many fine people we met while at the conference (*wave* Hiya, Robin! *wave*)
– Oh, and Mark Masterson gets another mention! We might as well make it with him on the show! Actually, we are!! Stay tuned! 🙂
– Yes, indeed, there is nothing that will beat face to face while at a conference, but then again, social software provides the perfect add-on to help augment that face to face experience and make it even much more intense! And relevant.
– Enterprise 2.0 social software within the corporate world *still* has got a place. Just because not many people are as extrovert as we think they are.
– Finding your own comfort zone would be key for that social software adoption. Even for something like sharing pictures!
– IBM’s Social Computing Guidelines get another mention along with the opportunity to have a protected environment where people can play with these social tools in a safe environment.
– Yours truly regretting the fact it took me two years!, before I decided to have my Internet blog(s)! Should have been a lot sooner than that!
– Yeah, don’t get too comfortable either or you will never move on / change! (Yes, I learned through the hard way!).
– WOW! Matt has been online for 17 years and all over the place!!! Where were you back then? (I was playing ball! :-P).
– (Did you know that Matt was probably the first person who introduced the concept of wikis inside IBM, way before the corporate world was even thinking about it?)
– Censorship is not healthy. Period.
– There is always a space to share stuff internally and externally. What would rule it? Yes, indeed, you got that one right! … Common sense.
– Little anecdote shared as well of how all my three blogs started with different content and because of having, each of them, different audiences in the end it all moved into cross-posting between all of them.
– Corporate blogging is *not* a waste of time! Why? Because a blog empowers employees to have a voice, both inside and outside of the corporate firewall.
– Even smaller companies can benefit from blogging. Meaningful content will still be shared and commented on. Remember, it is not about the quantity, but the quality of the blog posts!
– Ranting is not as effective as constructive feedback. Isn’t that right? heh
– (Although sometimes the odd rant here and there wouldn’t harm, right? Even in the microsharing world!)
– Another perk from corporate blogging: allowing you to find experts on a particular subject they are passionate about. Yes, sir!
– Injecting now one of my all time favourite thoughts I have been putting together all along: people will always be keen on sharing their information / knowledge just because they want to, not because they have been told so. It is a natural behaviour.
– Storytelling, anyone?
– Another perk of social software behind the firewall: a much lower barrier of entry. In most cases, it takes a matter of seconds to have a blog, a wiki, a podcast, etc. etc. No approvals required!
– Oh la la "The Emperor has no clothes!" coming back again! Always learn to be positive, don’t criticise, always suggest improvements. That’s how we have been taught (Wise words from Matt, indeed! Loved it!)
– You see? Constructive feedback & co-creation of solutions can do wonders!
– Not being afraid of bad news is key in the world of social software adoption. Be ready to take that feedback on what’s broken and help fix it! It cannot get better than that!
– Openness, transparency, public knowledge exchanges … Hummm, where did I hear that before? 😉
– Go and read the main five reasons Matt has annotated that clearly explain why social software within the corporate world still has got a place. It always had and always will!
– Yeah, at the end of the day it is all about how your passion drives the stuff you do at work (And outside as well, of course!), but it is that passion that will make things easier to engage with others, and connect with them, specially if you share that common interest!
– Thus what is it that you are passionate about? Is that passion showing?

So there you go, another really interesting episode, we think, that we hope you get a chance to enjoy and participate from. Now, off to The Sweettt Show and engage in the amazing conversation that is going on at the moment! Will see you there!

Wordle of episode #8

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  1. Hiya, Matt! But, it *is* a show my friend! The show of you and me hanging together sharing our views and perspectives on the topics we are passionate about. That’s what’s showing and why to me it is having that flavour of a show where we share our passions and interests, hehe

    Yes, indeed, head over, folks, to http://sweettt.com and chime into the already existing conversation, which is driving some interesting dialogue! Already got my comments piled up and will be sharing them over the course of the next few hours.

    Thanks, Matt, for dropping by and for the feedback! See you there!

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