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How to Get in Touch for the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin – Join the CrowdVine Network!

A few minutes after I created the blog post where I was sharing with the readership of this blog the opportunity to win a complementary pass code for the event, I had a couple of folks interacting with me through e-mail and Instant Messaging asking me what would be the best way for them to reach out to me, if not using e-mail 😉 (You see? I am slowly, but steadily, winning the battle! heh), since they all knew I am about to go into another business trip I will detail some more shortly and that would end just before I head to Berlin next Sunday!

I mentioned it to them, through those interactions, what would be the best way of getting in touch and I thought I would spend a couple of minutes over here as well. I suppose it would become rather handy, specially, since I am sensing it is going to be a pretty hectic week, once again, and may not have enough time to get in touch with folks before I am in Berlin.

So, back to those e-mails and IMs conversations, I mentioned to them that the main tool I am planning to make use of would be one that the Web 2.0 Expo folks have put together as well, which is The Web 2.0 Expo CrowdVine space, and which is starting to look really really nice! This particular group space is where most of us, attendees, will be hanging out to connect with other folks, to reach out to all those who we would like to meet up and to indicate those folks who we are a big fan of! Pretty neat!

Of course, there will be still plenty of other interactions in that particular group space, but mainly I think it would be rather interesting to see how we would be able to connect through it. I have already got a profile (Yes, yet again, another one!) in there, where you would be able to find out what I will be up to and who I am planning to meet up and hang out with. At the same time there are a number of conversations which are flourishing already and which would be worth while contributing to as well. We shall see how time allows for me to chime in as well!

At the same time, of course, there is a blog for the conference, a Facebook Fan page, a FriendFeed room, a Twitter handle to follow up for updates and, like usual, the blogosphere in its full force with plenty of insights going around all over the place already! You can start subscribing to the different channels! Plenty of choice this time around!

I, too, would be blogging about the event, but most probably after the event itself, as highlights posts, from the sessions I will be attending and will be sharing some additional thoughts on folks I will be meeting up with, and for the most part, of course, I will be on Twitter, doing my usual live tweeting, over @elsuacon.

As you would be able to see, plenty of choices and opportunities to get a flavour of what the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin would be like, but I can certainly tell you one thing, not matter how much great content gets shared across the board, what would be the killer event or happening for me would eventually be the usual suspect, the networking with fellow colleagues (Did you know that almost my entire team is going to be there! As well as some of the most well known IBM Social Software evangelists who I have the great pleasure of hanging out with for the last few years?), as well as social media consultants, some of the other players in the field, amongst many other thought leaders in the space of Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0.

I am sensing that networking while at the event is probably going to prevent me from being online as much as I would have probably liked and that can only mean one thing: the most powerful form of social networking (i.e. the face to face contact!) will have won the battle once again! And I just can’t wait for that to happen, because I am sure it would get us all exposed to plenty of excitement: new (But also already known) connections, new conversations, perhaps even new personal business relationships, you name it! I guess it would be up to each and everyone of us to put the limits! heh

Are you ready?

I surely am! And you know where you can find me! Mixing and mingling with the crowd! 😀

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