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Trip to Mechelen, Belgium, to Present at IBM’s Shape Your Future Innovation Event

After a wonderful holiday, away for a few days, first in Barcelona and then in London, I am back to work! First day back and already on the road, too! Yes, indeed, over the next couple of days I will be in Belgium, in Mechelen, to be more exact, where tomorrow afternoon I will be presenting at IBM‘s Innovation event "Shape Your Future". And all of this while the engaging and mind-blowing InnovationJam 2008 is taking place over the next few hours!! Goodness! So much to talk about and share, yet so little time! Hang in there, folks, while I am trying to get back into my regular blogging activities as well, but I guess we will have to go one step at a time, right?

So, let’s get things going with IBM’s Innovation event "Shape Your Future", where you would be able to see how tomorrow afternoon I will be speaking, once more, on the topic of "Thinking Outside the Inbox" where I am hoping to bring together as well some of the various conversations I have been having in the recent past from a couple of other events I have been engaging with.

The slide deck continues to be the same, i.e. giving up e-mail at work, but pretty much the speech has evolved tremendously over the last few weeks, since I will be incorporating some of the most relevant and interesting conversations I have been having all along in the last couple of months. Hope this session will be recorded somehow, so I would have an opportunity to perhaps share such recording with everyone. At the same time, stay tuned for some really good news on the progress reports, because I have got something for you I am sure you are going to enjoy quite a bit! You will see…

If you would notice, this is the sister event I presented at, not long ago, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and which I blogged about not long ago as well. Thus it follows a similar structure. You would be able to find information about the event over here, from where you can also find out some more about each of the speakers who will be there (I seemed to be missing from the list, but not to worry, I know I will be there, too!), as well as the location in Mechelen.

But perhaps the most interesting part of the two day event would be, of course, the programme itself, apart from the (Social) Networking, for sure! In it, you would be able to see what the keynote speaker sessions would be about, as well as the various breakout sessions, including the one I will be doing, and from peeking through it I am certain you would be able to see the quality of the materials presented around the topic of shaping your future and how each of the speakers will bring together a new, fresh air into the next level for Innovation!

And, like I said, all of that happening at the same time that the InnovationJam 2008 is taking place over the course of the next couple of days! I haven’t blogged, nor mentioned much about it, because at the beginning I was not really sure whether I would be able to participate in it, or not, since it got started yesterday while I was still on holidays and will continue over the next couple of days while I am on this business trip, where I am just finding out, the hard way, as usual, how unreliable a good Internet connection has become nowadays. As soon as I have got a few applications running it runs into a hard stop and I cannot longer move on further with engaging in such event or catch up after the holidays. Ahhh, well… So much with regards to pervasiveness and broadband penetration, right? Not likely!

I just hope it will improve while I am here, because otherwise it would be too bad to miss the whole thing out! I hope not! One thing for sure that I am certain is going to win is the networking side of things, so if you are around in Mechelen, over the next couple of days, and if you would want to get together for a drink or two, give me a shout and we will find some time, I am sure!

For now, time for me to prepare the event(s) of tomorrow hoping the broadband connection will be restored to what’s supposed to be and see if I can finally catch up with InnovationJam 2008 and starting jamming a bit! How about you? Are you jamming yet? 😀

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