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Trip to Barcelona – On Holidays!

As I am writing this particular blog post I am flying at 35,000 feet away from Gran Canaria and on my first day of a holiday I have been putting aside for a couple of years now. Yes, indeed, I am on my way to Barcelona, Spain!, one of my favourite cities in the world and one that although having been over here a few times already I just can’t get tired of it.

Call it all of the things and activities it has got to offer, or the friendly people, or that lovely cosmopolitan atmosphere that makes you feel like you are living in a very large metropolis, yet, very walkable at all times; call it all of the great places to enjoy some amazing Mediterranean cuisine, or the lively nightlife! Yes, all of that and so much more!

So this time around, as opposed to the last couple of years, where, for one reason or another, I just couldn’t make it, because of whatever the conflict or double booking, I had it booked up for quite a while and today is my first day of a wonderful holiday! I am sure! And I can’t wait! heh

Does that mean I will be stopping with my regular blogging activities for the next few days? Well, not sure. It will depend on how things go. I am going to be here for nine days, before I get to travel elsewhere again, and depending on timing and a few other things, which I am sure will come up to your mind, as I am writing this, I may be able to share the odd blog post here and there. But I don’t think I would be blogging on a daily basis, like I have been doing so far all this time.

Thus in a way, this holiday may also indicate a short break for me from my regular blogging activities, while I get to enjoy the city and its many attractions and, like I said, ponder a bit about a number of things and share the odd entry over here.

However, that doesn’t mean that my social networking activities are going to stop while I am on holidays 😀 heh On the contrary, they are going to become much more intense and fruitful as I am planning on doing plenty of my favourite social networking activity: meeting up with folks for a drink or two, or food, whatever may be the option and catch up with those folks who may be in town…

Like I said earlier on, I will be in Barcelona till the 29th of September. So if you would want to meet up for a drink or two, or grab a bite, give me a shout and we shall meet. When? Not sure, it will depend on both your schedule and my own 😉 heh, but I am sure we would be able to meet up! Without a doubt!

Oh, yes, I will be twittering, of course! There would be plenty of things to take note of and share with my various social networks. And, let’s face it, it will probably be as well the main option for me to get in touch with folks as I am not planning on staying still while in here! Thus although I am not planning on twittering far too much, like the usual twitterrhea I do far too often, expect to see a few updates here and there. Should be fun!

Well, we are about to start the landing routine, so I better cut it short over here for now … Hoping now that the weather will be just as gorgeous as back home! (And no, you don’t want to know how lovely it was heh)

(Fast forward a couple of hours later … landed safe and sound, in the hotel room. Now do another fast forward … a couple of days later, having enjoyed the lack of WiFi in the hotel I am staying in and the incredibly disappointing lack of support, coverage and responsibility for doing things right, like they say they do – Yes, Yoigo, ("Verdad verdadera", eh?) I am talking about you! – posting this blog entry a little bit later than expected and looking forward to some amazing time(s) … – Expect to have a much more disconnected time than ever before! W00t!)

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  1. Hi Luis! I’m usually not unhappy with Yoigo. This past week I’ve also had some problem connecting. Things are working much better since I switched from selecting just GSM networks to select 3G networks.

  2. Hi Xavi! Thanks much for the feedback comments on Yoigo! I am not sure what’s going on, but I have always been using 3G as my main method to get connected and I still have the issues of not getting really good speeds, which is funny, because I am in Barcelona, as you well know, and you would expect there would be a very good connection, right? Well, there isn’t. But that will be the subject of another blog post! 😉

    Hope we would have a chance to meet up before I leave on Monday morning… Let’s get in touch! And thanks for the great feedback and helpful tip as well as for dropping by! See you soon!

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