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Social Software – The Basics By Jon Mell

I was just about to share another blog post around the topic of the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin (Remember you can get a 35% discount by registering with this code: webeu08gr23 – Don’t miss it!), which, like I have mentioned yesterday, I will be really looking forward to attending it this time around, specially after going through, once again, the impressive list of speakers who will be there at the event and the diversity of the topics that will be covered! Yet, something refrained me from doing that. Instead, I am just going to share with you a short, incredibly powerful entry, that I am sure would make you smile quite a bit for how simple it is!

And all of that due to one of those wonderful instances where serendipity does its magic. One of those serendipitous knowledge discoveries that clearly show the power of social computing, and, in particular, social networks.

It all starts with a fellow IBM colleague, and a good friend, Larry Hawes (Don’t forget to check out his Twitter bio! Quite inspirational!), who tweeted the following snippet:

"Here’s a post on "selling" social software that is absolutely brilliant in its simplicity. A short, must read! http://tinyurl.com/3jyxfb"

Boy, who could resist such temptation, right? Of course, not! No-one would! So I went over and checked the link and to my surprise who do I find there? My other good friend Jon Mell, who just recently joined the forces of the incredibly smart, resourceful and talented Headshift gang (Congrats and massive kudos to both Jon & the Headshift crew, by the way!!). Jon eventually put together a blog post under "Social Software – The Basics" (Still can’t figure out how I missed it!) that, after reading it, I thought I doubt anyone would ever be able to put it all in such simple terms. Yes, indeed, social software with a K.I.S.S. at its best!

It is just *so* accurate as well and so much anti-definitions (And you folks know how I feel about putting together definitions for such concepts like Knowledge Management, Enterprise 2.0 or Social Computing, amongst many others! ;-)) that I am going to take the liberty of quoting it over here to help spread the message around, because if we would all think along those terms we would be making our lives so much easier! And for the better! Thus here it goes. Social Software – The Basics:

"Do you believe that there is business value in who you know as well as what you know?

Do you believe that a strong network of contacts can help you get things done and make things happen?

Would you like to help your employees get things done and make things happen?"

You would have to agree with me that it is just priceless, right? Well, hang in there; it gets better; check out his ending line to a brilliant post:

"If so, then the question is not why would you use social software, but why would you not?"

(hehe) *I know*, plenty of food for thought in there for us all to chew in as the weekend kicks in … Have a good one everyone!

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  1. Hi Jon! Oh, my friend, no problem at all! In fact, we should be the ones grateful to you, if anything! With such a simple, yet incredibly effective, blog post there is nothing for us to worry about! This is going to be a quote that’s going to go into upcoming presentations I will be doing! It is just *so* spot on!

    I couldn’t have put it with better, simpler words, so I just had to quote you and keep spreading the message around!

    See you in a few days! 😉

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