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Trip to the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin – Are You Ready?

As the Web 2.0 Expo in New York City continues to take place over the course of the next few hours and already producing some really good outcomes, I thought I would let folks know about something that I am really excited about. No, I am not in New York City for that event, although I wish I were (I would have been able to meet up plenty of really smart and talented folks in the Social Computing space, apart from catching up with a whole bunch of good friends, colleagues and thought leaders in this space). However, I surely am going to be at another Web 2.0 Expo. Yes, indeed, the one in Berlin!

That’s right! I am really excited about the whole thing. For the first time in a couple of years I will finally be able to make it to one of those events that I always wanted to go to: The Web 2.0 Expo and probably at one of the best locations, don’t you think so? Woohooo! Can’t wait!

Like I said above, I am incredibly excited to go there by the end of October and for multiple various reasons which I am going to detail over here trying to keep things short and sweet. Too much to talk about each of them, for sure! Perhaps I will be expanding further into multiple blog posts, but let’s see:

– I will be going to Berlin, arriving on October 19th, and I will not be alone. My entire team will be there as well as a whole bunch of fellow colleagues, and good friends, who have been helping us out driving the adoption of social software within IBM. Pretty excited about meeting them all up face to face and hang out together the entire week!

– I am certainly looking forward to being there after having gone through an agenda where it is going to be incredibly difficult to pick up which sessions to go to! Yes, indeed, they are that good! But I will expand further on that one. Too much to talk about in such a short time!

– And if the agenda is quite impressive, the list of speakers is just as worth while meeting up! I am looking forward to catching up with a whole bunch of people I have met throughout the years and who I still keep in touch with social software (Or course!), but also at the same time meet up with some others who I have started following lately, but haven’t had a chance to get in touch with just yet. This event would be the perfect opportunity for that!

– Oh, yes, I will also be speaking at the event, on October 23rd, and on the topic I am sure you are all familiar with 😉 hehe Oh, oh, and my boss’ boss will also be one of the speakers! Pretty excited about that, too! Remember, my entire team will be there! It would be the second time I would be able to see them in the last year! W00t!

– Of course, one of the items I will be really looking forward to would be the networking throughout the event! Let’s face it, folks! This is as good as it gets! One of the best, and perhaps most relevant, Web 2.0 events taking place in Europe this year! Everyone is going to be there! Will you? Let’s meet up!

– Finally, I am also pretty excited to share with everyone a little surprise, which I am sure some people may appreciate, specially if you want to be able to make it, but perhaps things just didn’t work out all right. I have just been given the opportunity to share with you folks, the faithful, and ever engaging, readership of this blog (I read and go through each of the comments you all drop & already working my way through sharing my two cents for each of them! Hang in there for just a little longer! I’ll eventually be coming around all of them!) a special discount with which you can register for the event and get 35% off the original fees!

Yes, that is right! If you would want to attend the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin and would want to get a lovely discount, go ahead and use this specific code: webeu08gr23 when you register for the event. And off it goes. My special thanks to everyone who is a regular reader / commenter on this blog and my token of gratitude for sticking around through thick & thin all along! Without you all folks this blog would probably have been something completely different! That’s for sure!

So, you see where all of this excitement was coming from, right? Yes, indeed, I surely am and I hope you would be, too! Specially if you manage to make it to the event of events in the Web 2.0 space! And if you would want to get together for a beer or two (With what a perfect timing, eh? heh), give  me a shout and we will meet up while in there! (I will be there from October 19th till the 24th!)

Oh oh, like I said, stay tuned, I still got another lovely surprise for one of you folks out there… But that will be put together in an upcoming blog post where I will be expanding further on some of the items I mentioned above! 😀

Thus, are you ready? Will you be at the Web 2.0 Expo this year in Berlin? Get in touch & don’t forget to make use of the discount!

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  1. Hiya Lee! Thanks for dropping by and for the feedback! I surely look forward to seeing you in Berlin! Promises to be quite an interesting event, specially since you would be one of the speakers! Awesome stuff!

    But something tells me that we will see each other much, much sooner than that 😉

    Speak to you soon!

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