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Where the Enterprise 2.0 Action Is Taking Place! Happy Birthday SMT!

I guess that most of the folks doing Social Media, Social Computing, Web 2.0 or Enterprise 2.0 would probably be rather busy this week chiming in and participating, rather attending physically or virtually, the Web 2.0 Expo that just got started in New York (Which promises to have a really interesting and engaging agenda, by the way, in case you may not have seen it yet!), but I just thought I would take this opportunity to reflect on something rather important and relevant that is taking place over the last couple of days and which I thought would be worth while noting down as well.

If you have been a long time reader from this blog you would remember how a little bit over a year ago I actually became an active member of the Social Media Today Collective group, just as it was getting things started and building up some more momentum around the Enterprise 2.0 & Social Computing spaces. I guess that time flies when you are having fun, because over the course of the last couple of days SMT is actually celebrating their first birthday / anniversary! Goodness! Yes, indeed, time flies when you are having fun!

I must say that during this time, it surely has been a great pleasure and a privilege to be part of such incredibly talented, energised and splendid group of thought leaders and bloggers, social media consultants, CIOs, CEOs, and a long etc., always wanting, and succeeding, in taking things into the next level! You cannot imagine the amount of stuff I have been learning throughout the course of the last few months exchanging information and knowledge and engaging in multiple conversations around the topic of social software and Enterprise 2.0, amongst many others with a good chunk of the regular and active members of the collective.

At the same time I have been having the unique opportunity to meet up face to face with a whole bunch of SMT members, including the co-founders Robin Carey and Jerry Bowles, and it probably wouldn’t be too fair to name them all, as I am sure I would be forgetting the odd name here and there! But either way, if there would be a collective rather representative of the Social Computing space within the corporate world nowadays, I am sure that the Social Media Today one would probably be ranking high up in the list! And rather high, to say the least!

You would probably remember how a couple of months back I was actually featured as an SMT blogger of the week (With SMT Blogger of the Week – Luis Suarez, the Blogger From Paradise) after having done a very enjoyable Skype interview with Jerry. So the least I could do this time around is to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each and everyone of the SMT members for helping pave the road around the adoption of social software within the Enterprise. I am sure without this collective being out there actively nurturing and engaging in multiple conversations that adoption would have probably been a lot slower than what it is today!

So from here, a BIG and special thanks! to everyone who is, or has been, a member of the SMT collective and another rather special Happy Anniversary wish, hoping there are going to be many many more years to come for us to enjoy some of where the hot action is taking place within the Social Networking space! Keep up the superb piece of work & keep leading the way SMTers! It’s been a great pleasure and look forward to many more thought-provoking and engaging dialogue!

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