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The Sweettt Podcast – Episode 6 – The Best Way to Share Knowledge

Goodness! It looks like we are on a row, eh? Here we go, with, yet again, another episode from The Sweettt Show, the Tertulia 2.0 podcasting series I am co-hosting with my good friend Matt Simpson, where we are back at it again talking around the subject of "The Age of Conversation" and where this time around we dive into, amongst many other things, "The Age of Conversation".

Matt already shared the details and the link to this particular episode and I can certainly encourage you to have a look into the initial description he put together, because it is rather descriptive of what you would find throughout the episode itself. Here is a short excerpt taken directly from his blog post:

"Engaging in meaningful discourse enables us to truly know what we think we know, by getting a chance to hear what we have to say. The ability to recognize certain facts and patterns is only an introductory level of understanding. However, when we can freely recall information & ideas, and actually generate language based on those concepts, this is an indication that a deeper, more thorough level of understanding is achieved."

I would also suggest you take a look into his show notes as you would be able to find a nice outline of what we discussed over the course of nearly 25 minutes and which I am sure you are going to find rather enlightening with all of the different links included.

At the same time, and also, to keep things going, I will go ahead and share with you folks my own show notes, so that you get a flavour as well of what I got out of this particular episode, where you will see that we are still touching base on our own experiences around Enterprise 2.0 in Boston, from back in June (And Yes! I still need to put together the highlights and share them with you over here, but doing it through the podcast is probably just as good, right?). So here you have got them:

"– Still on the "Age of Conversation"
– On the importance of Introduction on a podcast… Or not? Probably not, right?
– Forget that you are recording in the first place! You would be much better off, believe me.
– "Feelings inside of you are a tremendous source of information […]", bunch of wise words, indeed! Glad Matt shared them with us!
– Ok, ok, no traditional Intro on Sweettt.com. Let’s bring it on! Natural conversations rule!
– Oh, oh, I think we just set up on an outroduction for the podcast.
Nik Canvin, fellow IBMer and communitybuilder, gets another mention… Where is he nowadays? What’s he up to?
Nancy Dixon gets another mention on describing how to get the most out of speakers. And it is not their speech or their lovely presentation, but something else…
– Facilitating a conference event is not an easy task, but certainly dominating your session would probably not be the right way, would it?
– The best conference events out there are those where dialogue and conversation take place. Not where people pitch at you whatever they would want to without allowing for interaction back at them! Doh! Any conference available out there following this format, please?
– No names mentioned, but those folks who were at Enterprise 2.0 may well remember one of the keynote speaker sessions doing it all along these very same lines and totally wrong. Right from the start, and right till the end of the *next* keynote session!
– Leaving your comfort zone can be a real challenge, eh? Are you willing to do just that?
– It is *good* to let control go, people! Specially if you are in the Enterprise 2.0 field!
– Ahhh, the power of the lobby!! That’s where the *real* conversations take place!
– Go out and seek out those conversations. Don’t wait for them to come around your way!
– Why is it that most Subject Matter Experts feel threatened when leaving their knowledge comfort zones? Are they still expecting, or expected, to know it all? Hallo?!? Not anymore! Welcome to the 21st century! Wake up! Move on and dive into the conversations. You are missing out!
– Instead of patronising the audience, next time around try by facilitating the session with the audience. See the difference!
Carl Frappaolo, one of the speakers at Enterprise 2.0, gets a mention on how he got it right, from the very beginning!
– And his session was one of the best from the entire conference!
– *That* is just how you engage, as a speaker, on whatever session you may be providing: get the best out of the audience!"

And with that stay tuned for our next episode where we expand plenty more on this very same subject of engaging with your audience at conference events as the best, and most effective, method of knowledge sharing and mutual learning!

Oh, and if you thought I would let you go and listen to the episode directly or download it from here, it is not going to happen just yet. Why? Because I thought I would share with you as well the lovely Wordle (Thanks, Jonathan!) that Matt put together for this episode. Here it is:

Wordle B

Have fun!

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  1. Great episode. Nice length. I enjoyed it on my train ride this morning.

    I picked up a great presentation technique from Jessica Lipnack at the Enterprise 2.0 conference. She was the moderator of the panel on What Blogging Brings to Business. Jessica starts her presentations by asking the audience to introduce themselves. Immediately, you have engaged the audience.

    I have being using this for my presentations and love doing it. I ask the audience to say their name, their company and why they are here. (being there for the doughnuts or lunch is an acceptable answer.)

    Luis – you were in the audience for Blogging panel at E 2.0. How did you, as audience member, like that audience introduction technique?

    [I tried leaving this comment on the Sweettt.com site, but it thinks this is a spam comment and denied me posting ability.]

  2. (Cross comment from The Sweettt Show) Doug, I wil go ahead and share my thoughts over here trying to answer your comment above and also on my own blog post, over at http://elsua.net. I will probably paste the answer there as well, in case, other folks may be following it as well.

    To start off, stay tuned for an upcoming episode of the podcast, because both Matt & myself have been talking extensively about your question and brought it into the show and share our experiences on how we felt about it. As a teaser I will share my two cents of some of the stuff I mentioned …

    I think Jessica’s approach towards hosting that panel session like she did was *fantastic!* Unique on its own! And, like you said, the best option to engage the audience right away! Just fascinating, as one of the folks from the audience who wasn’t expecting such an intro of the panel. Immediate consequence, we were all there! Engaging in the conversations and waiting for an opportunity to participate! Just brilliant!

    I must say though, not sure how other audiences would have reacted. Most bloggers are pretty open and extrovert types, so I can imagine they would be jumping in without a single issue. However, other folks may not have been that open, specially in front of total strangers. In a way, we were also strangers and everything, but I noticed how a bunch of people from the audience, and the panelists, were already “connected” to some of the bloggers, so that helps. I wonder what the scenario would have been like in a room with strangers and asking them chime in and speak up. Perhaps for the next one.

    Also, another thing I really enjoyed was the fact it was a relatively small group, so you had a chance to get to meet those folks and find out more from them. I am not so sure the format would have worked out with a larger audience, more than anything, because of lack of time. I bet that if this approach would have been taking place with larger audiences it would have had a completely different take.

    But again, for a smaller group, like the one we had, or even smaller, it is a brilliant approach towards conducting a superb panel session and I would certainly be looking forward to more of those in their due time… Perhaps even one with you doing the show! 🙂

    Again, stay tuned for that upcoming episode, because you will find it, I am sure, rather entertaining…

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