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The Sweettt Podcast – Episode 5 – How to Make a Great Podcast

And we keep moving on! As you may have noticed already, over at Sweettt.com, Matt Simpson, co-host along with myself of The Sweettt Show, has just created a blog post a few hours ago, where he is sharing the next episode from our podcasting series on the topic of "How to Make a Great Podcast". But before moving on further on sharing a few thoughts about it, I thought I would go and clarify a couple of items that may need further explanations.

As you may have read in a previous blog post, we are not on episode #2 of the series, but on #5. It was, indeed, the second episode I co-hosted the podcast with Matt, but he has been working already on Sweettt.com for a little while and in reality we would be talking about that #5 I just mentioned. Thus we haven’t chewed on three consecutive instances of the podcast. I just caught up myself with the total amount of episodes available for tuning in! And yes, we are on #5!

Second item that I would want to touch base on is that if you have listened to that last episode shared you would be able to find out how we are still searching for the identity of the podcast and we may have reached it already! We are probably getting very close and we are going this time around with "The Sweettt Tertulia". We both like the term & the concept quite a bit and may stick with it for a little while more, as we explore some more options, but so far, it does seem to resemble that whole purpose of what we envisioned for the podcasting series from the very beginning: A Tertulia of a couple of friends with some other friends coming along and engaging in conversations on topics we all feel very passionate about!

Thus with all of that said, you can go ahead and check out "Sweettt.com – Episode 5 – How to Make a Great Podcast", from where you can listen to the podcast episode directly from there or, alternatively, you could go ahead and download the .mp3 audio directly from here. As usual, Matt put together a few show notes, which will give you an idea of what we talked over the course of roughly over 30 minutes. And at the same time, he included the lovely Wordle (From Jonathan Feinberg), which I am also going to include over here, so that you can get a bit more of a visual image of what we talked about:

Oh, and if you would want to have some more text, apart from all of what I have already mentioned over here, check out my show notes from the episode, where I have also tried to keep that informal flavour from previous chapters:

Show Notes #5:

– Still recovering from the SMACK found from episode #4. Boy, *that* was hilarious! Tummy still hurts!!
– Ahhh, those good old times while at high school. Remember them?
– Sweettt Tertulia is born! And with a special 2.0 flavour!
– Yeah, I like it … "The Sweettt Tertulia Show". Think we just nailed it! 🙂
– Moving on with the topic of Conversations (Yeah, we know, our favourite subject!)
– Finding the identity of a podcasting series is not as easy as you would think! Specially striking for the magic formula!
– What makes a good podcast? Yes, that’s what was in our mind and we think we are getting pretty close …
– Whooops! 113 downloads, not episodes, Mr! What were you thinking?!?!?
Doug Cornelius, one of our favourite KM bloggers gets a mention, while discussing podcast consumption, while commuting.
– Time flies when you are having fun and you completely forget you are recording!
– 30 minutes of goodness! Is that the right length?
– 30 minutes may be a good measure, but why cut off the conversation when it is really engaging? Keep it rolling, baby!!
– Slicing it all may well be the final solution, while learning from others how they do it. Why re-invent the wheel, right?
Matt Moore gets another mention for how he manages the podcasts he produces and distributes them in multiple parts of the same long episode. Nifty!
– Fun, fun, fun! The power of Show Notes! It isn’t your typical TOC, eh?
– Want to engage with us on the conversations? Get involved, drop a comment, whether it is text or audio! We’ll grab it from there and bring it on!
– At the end of the day… a podcast is still a podcast! Regardless what people may say!
– Oh la la, as a result of this episode http://sweettt.com has gone through a major re-design. SWEETTT!!!

Hope you enjoy this episode, just as much as we did recording it! And stay tuned, because there are plenty more to come!

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