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The Sweettt ELSUA Show – Episode 2 – On Finding an Identity

If you have been following this blog in the last few days, you would remember how not long ago, both Matt Simpson, from Sweetttt.com, and myself, launched a podcasting series together called The Sweettt Show where we dived into some really good and fun discussions. After that first episode Matt went on vacation to a place I could very much call paradise and he just got back! Which means, we are both back into the game and have ventured into recording our second episode of The now Sweettt ELSUA Show: On Finding an Identity.

Yes, that’s right! In this, our second episode, we actually discuss, pretty much like in every beginning, plenty of stuff with regards to the identity of the podcast, its own branding and where we would both want to take things with it. Rather some interesting discussion that folks new to podcasting may find rather revealing on the trials and tribulations from getting things going at the initial stages.

This time around the episode is a lot shorter than the introductory one, lasting for a little bit over 20 minutes and I can guarantee you that if after listening to that episode you haven’t laughed your b**t off, you won’t ever! We had a very unexpected guest who decided to become the star of the show. Towards the end of it, actually.

Just like in the first episode, I thought I would go ahead as well and share with you over here the different annotations that both Matt and myself put together while listening to the episode and describe the train of thoughts that went through our minds all along:

"00:30 Welcome & Introduction – “The Age of Conversation”

01:50 Silly Baboons – Matt sends Luis a photo of the two of them with a caption “Silly Baboons” Who said that podcasting is not fun?

02:30 We’ve not far from the apes

03:10 Great Photos – Chris Brogan getting a mention for his incredibly good photography skills, amongst many other things! heh

04:00 Our Name & Brand – What should be our name? Should we include Elsua in the brand? Finding an identity for The Sweettt ELSUA podcast? Excuse me? (hey! “Sweettt Elsua” hmmmm) Branding? Podcasting? Is there such a thing? Excuse me?

Surprise, surprise!?! We can’t comment on that one yet! (But stay tuned!)

04:45 A future Elsua Podcast, in the making… ELSUA going solo podcasting! YAY!!! About time, too!

05:00 Interviews & Conversations in the Enterprise 2.0 podcast space – On the importance of Enterprise 2.0 interviews… We can’t get enough of them? Fancy being one of our guests?!? Let us know!

Sebastian Thomschke getting a mention, too!

06:50 Getting ready to bring more discussants on board

07:00 Mark Masterson – is interested in joining the discussion (actually, Matt broached this with Mark back in Boston)

07:00 Jon Mell – is interested in joining the discusion

08:00 Mention of Dogear Nation and their dynamic fast-paced style of conversations. Wooohooo! Dogear-Nation getting another mention! (We highly recommend subscribing to that podcasting series, if you haven’’ done so already!)

10:00 In depth discussion is the goal, just like a decent long chat over coffee. Entering the Age of Conversation and on the power of coffee! What’s the right length of time in a podcast? The one who figures it out gets the big prize!

12:13 Tertulia – Luis teaches Matt a new word. And then “Tertulia 2.0″ was born!

12:50 A loud SLAP is heard

13:15 An intellectual gathering… Babbelfish translates “tertulia” into ‘Social Gathering’… It’s like a Salon. Now really getting into the “Social Gathering” thing. Boy, did we have some good fun or what?

14:11 What is a Salon?

14:30 Tertulia definitely has a strong intellectual component, highly social, intense discussion, very intellectually stimulating

15:30 A cocktail party among the cogniscenti. This is a Salon. Tom Short, former IBMer and good friend of ours, gets a mention when talking about the concept of “Salons”. Yes, we are still in search of that identity for the podcast!

16:50 The kind of discussion that Mark Twain would be found within. Oh, oh, we are now about to get in trouble. Mark Twain coming up on the show, too!

17:40 Agreement, disagreement… Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Maybe we just nailed the identity of The Sweettt ELSUA Show: Tertulia 2.0!

18:20 Luis attacks a poor defenseless creature.

18:40 And THAT’s how you share knowledge!! BAP!!!

19:15 Finish"

Oh, and if that is not enough, we have put together as well something that we know is getting more and more popular by the day and which we both love dearly: a Wordle (Thanks much, Jonathan! Remind us to invite you for drinks whenever we would meet up face to face, please!). Yes, that is right, if you are more into the visual side of things, that same set of annotations will transform into this:

Thus, without much further ado, here is the link where you can play the file directly, or, alternatively, you can download the .mp3 audio file from here: The Sweettt ELSUA Show – Episode 2 – On Finding an Identity.

We hope you enjoy listening to it, just as much as we did recording it, and, I tell you, like I said above, if this episode does not make you laugh, nothing will! 🙂 … (Wait till the end!)

Have a good one everyone!

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  1. Hey, I like that name, Matt! Sweettt Tertulia sounds just about right! Let’s talk some more about it, but it does look like we may have found it, after all. Sounds really good as I keep repeating it over and over again! Oh, and I surely enjoy the new, slick design of the podcast site! Really really nice!

    Thanks for the feedback and will speak to you soon!

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