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The Future of Work by Luis Suarez (Full Version)

A couple of days back, you would remember how I created a blog post where I was mentioning a short video-conference interview I participated in where I briefly talked, along with William Pulleyblank, on the topic of The Future of Work and the implications for the corporate world and the workplace, specially from the perspective of the impact of Enterprise 2.0 within the business environment and how it is changing the way knowledge workers interact with one another to collaborate and share knowledge together.

Well, I am back at it again! First, to let those folks who may not have been able to see the video just yet that they can now watch it through YouTube (See embedded video below as well):

And, secondly, that, as I have mentioned on the original blog post, there is a second video conference clip, much longer than the one mentioned above, and where I have touched on various different topics very much related to that topic of "The Future of Work". The direct link to the video can be found over here and I have also taken the liberty of embedding it below, so that you can start playing it back if you would want to right from this blog post:

The Future of Work by Luis Suarez from Luis Suarez on Vimeo.

It lasts for about 30 minutes and, like I was saying above once more, I talked about several different topics all of them related to the impact of Enterprise 2.0 and Social Computing within the corporate workplace and how it is changing the way we all work inside and outside the firewall.

But instead of me just letting you know some more of the specifics behind the actual topics I covered, I am actually going to do something new I haven’t done before in this blog, which is basically use the über cool application that one of my fellow IBM colleagues, and good friend, Jonathan Feinberg (Father of other IBM fantastic social software applications like Dogear and Cattail), put together out there available to everyone. Yes, indeed, I am talking about Wordle, the wonderfully crafted & amazing tool that generates very suggestive "word clouds" which can keep you busy looking at them for hours and hours to no end!

Thus without much further ado, here is the Wordle from The Future of Work by Luis Suarez:

(From here a BIG and special THANKS MUCH! to all of the folks who made the whole video-conferencing interview possible; from the logistics, to the recording, to the final post-production and availability of the video interview itself, I want to take this opportunity to thank Avi Drucker, Courtney Shelton, George Faulkner, Jeremy Hodge and Mareike Politycki.

Yes, folks, *that* is the younger generation that’s about to enter the workplace, if they haven’t done so already! (Ok, ok, George is a little bit older to be entering the workplace now! 😀 heh))

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