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Tragic Wednesday

Given today’s tragic events occurred in Madrid, Spain, which I am sure most of you have heard or read about already, there will not be, over here, the corresponding daily blog post. Our prayers, deepest condolences and further comforting thoughts go to all of the victims and their families …


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  1. Hello folks! Thanks much for dropping by and for the kind comments. It surely has been quite a tagedy we have all gone through over the last few hours. Watching the news and listening to people’s testimonies on their loss is quite an experience I would not recommend to anyone, specially those folks who get to travel rather often.

    I know they all say that time heals the wounds. Well, this time around I fear it is going to take much much longer. Too much of a catastrophy that no-one deserved, specially all of those families destroyed. I really really hope that things will get back to some sort of “normal” for them, if there would ever be one. It is not easy having to confront a new life without your loved ones and from here my sincere condolences and support, with prayers and thoughts, for all of the victims and their families. No-one wants to be a witness of such tragedy and I just hope that time starts with the healing soon enough. For everyone.

    Thanks again for the support! It is greatly appreciated!

    Stephen, I know exactly what you mean. I have flown with that company many many times and in similar planes, so somehow I couldn’t stop thinking of the fresh memory of the tragedy that just happened. It could have been anyone of us. A tragedy, indeed.

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