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The Future of Work by Luis Suarez (Goodbye Cubicle, Hello Couch)

A couple of weeks back, I mentioned in a couple of twitterings how I was going to participate in an online video-conference interview around the topic of The Future of Work using the excellent Skype capabilities with a couple of IBM interns from Corporate Communications (Yes, indeed, no e-mail required to set it all up! Loved it!). I mentioned back then how I would be able to share with folks in this blog the actual video, the final version, so that you would be able to see / hear what my thoughts are around the subject of the next waves of interactions at the workplace.

And that time has just arrived. The video interview is up and running and available for everyone to download! But before I comment further on it, let me share with you how I found out about it. Not through e-mail, of course. Indeed!

Some time ago, Todd Watson, fellow IBMer and very good friend, mentioned a few weeks back what it’d be like coming back to work with no e-mail to process, based on the NYTimes article I got published not long ago, and just a couple of days ago, he picked up the subject, once again, in a subsequent blog post where he talked about that same subject as well as the landing page of where the video interview on The Future of Work was being hosted. I obviously picked that up from my feeds and here I am today, sharing your thoughts about it.

I don’t think that Todd will be reading this blog entry, since he is probably enjoying some very well deserved break away from everything, but the link he initially shared was the Facebook landing page from Start@IBM, a re-vamp of IBM‘s new global careers Web site where you would be able to find plenty of really helpful info on how to land yourself in such a large company as IBM 😀

On the Facebook page though you will find plenty of funny videos and interesting tidbits that will keep you busy for a while, but since you are probably much more interested in that video-conference interview, here are the details on how you can access it, since I can’t seem to be able to embed it over here.

Go ahead and check out Goodbye Cubicle, Hello Couch, which is the title of the video and which already hints some of the stuff I mentioned on the interview on what the future of work will be like soon enough. You will notice as well how in the video William Pulleyblank, Vice President, Center for Business Optimization in Global Business Services, also shares his views on what the future of work would be like, specially with the incorporation of the younger generations into the workplace. Quite enlightening to say the least!

The video lasts for about 2:25 minutes and it may sound like way too short, but not to worry, there is much more coming up shortly! I am working already with the same interns who put together the final touches of the interview into a much longer video which will contain the entire interview we did through Skype and I will then share the link to it. The video will be hosted out there on the Web, so everyone would be able to have a look into it as well. Oh, and I have just been told that the video contained in Facebook will also be shared in YouTube, so whenever that happens I will share a link to it over here as well, just in case you may want to reference it for those folks who cannot access Facebook.

Thus head over to take a look into Goodbye Cubicle, Hello Couch and get ready for the longer version of the video interview where, if you are into Social Computing and Enterprise 2.0, there will be plenty of different items discussed there to which you could relate to yourself. Stay tuned! …

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