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Sweettt – We’re Going Enterprise 2.0

If yesterday I referenced a podcasting episode I participated in with the Dogear-Nation folks, Michael Rowe & Michael Martine, you would remember how I mentioned as well I had another little surprise for you folks that I would be talking about today. And here I am, with that same spirit of keeping this blog post short, I am very very happy to announce that from now onwards I will be one of the co-hosts from the Sweettt weekly podcasting series with one fellow IBM colleagues and very good friend, Matt Simpson.

Yes, that’s right, from now onwards and, on a weekly basis, I will be the co-host, along with Matt, of The Sweettt Show and over the course of about 30 minutes we will talk about various different subjects, in most cases having to do with Enterprise 2.0, Social Computing, Web 2.0, Social Software, Knowledge Sharing, Personal Knowledge Sharing, Communities, Collaboration. Indeed, the usual stuff both Matt & myself have been blogging about all along…

To get things going, and without much further ado, last Friday we sat down and got busy recording the first episode of the podcasting series, which, as you will notice, is a rather long one, a bit over 86 minutes!, but it gave us the perfect opportunity to detail what would be some of the main topics we will be discussing and touching base on in in much shorter future episodes as we move along.

However, to give you a sense of what you will be able to find on this first episode I have put together the following TOC with some additional commentary that I am hoping will certainly spark your interest to listen to it and, why not?, perhaps come back or subscribe to the entire podcasting series. You are more than welcome to leave your comments over here or in at The Sweettt Show and rest assured that we will be covering them in future episodes, so if you have got any questions or items you would want to bring up to our attention, go ahead and share it with us! Oh, and before you ask, we are both in Twitter as well, in case you may want to leave a comment or question that way as well. Here are our IDs: elsua (Yours truly) and Matt Simpson.

Thus, here is the TOC you will find on our first episode of The Sweettt Show:

– Introduction of the podcast, Matt & yours truly as co-host of the weekly show and how we got to know each other back in 2001!
– Communities & history of IBM Communities with CommunityBuilders & Babble.
– Openness in communities to let them flow freely wherever they may want to go…
CommunityMapIndex of IBM Communities behind the firewall.
– Communities and the role of collaboration, knowledge sharing and social software tools as enablers.
– Of course, giving up on e-mail & what’s meant for me over the course of the last six months!
– Attending conference events and how face to face interactions are the purest form of social networking at its best.
– Glimpse of the networking activities while attending Enterprise 2.0 in Boston. Both Matt and myself were there (Yes, I know, my highlights are still coming up! Not to worry. I haven’t forgotten! heh)
Mark Masterson, Rosario Sica, Emanuele Quintarelli all get a mention πŸ™‚
– Origins of Knowledge Management, back in the days of the (in)famous pyramid of tools, processes & people, as well as the umbrella concept of something called KM.
– Knowledge Management vs. Enterprise 2.0: Are they one and/or the same?
– Personal Knowledge Sharing vs. Knowledge Management.
– On the ease of use of knowledge sharing as the way it should be. Natural. Flowing.
– Simplicity rules when collaborating and sharing your knowledge with others. On lowering the barriers of entry & engagement.
– Of course, once again, giving up on e-mail in favour of other 2.0 interactions in an open, public and transparent Enterprise 2.0 world.
– On Social Software Evangelism at a large corporation like IBM and describing what it is like (i.e. I am co-leading a community of over 400 evangelists inside IBM helping accelerate IBM’s adoption of social software – BlueIQ Ambassadors, as part of BlueIQ).
– On passion & finding the dream job …
– Communities as major catalysts of social software adoption within the corporate world.
– Still think that social networking is all about goofing around? You may need to think again!
– Having fun at work? … What’s that?
– What kind of role should trust have in the corporate world with the emergence of Enterprise 2.0?
– Accelerating the adoption of Social Software inside IBM through a community effort. Getting things started with recommendations on SmallBlue, a.k.a. Atlas (Who would have thought about that, right?)

Phew! I know! Pretty intensive 86 minutes! But we surely had fun and we hope that you would, too, at least, just as much as we did recording our first episode together! You would be able to listen to the podcast live over at New Cohost . We’re Going Enterprise 2.0 or, if you would prefer, you could download the podcast right away from this direct link.

Hope you enjoy it & till next time!

(Oh oh, and not to worry, there is still one other surprise I have got reserved for you folks, actually two of them, but those may still take a few days before I can talk about them over here as I am still finalising them πŸ˜‰ Stay tuned though for more info details coming up!)

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  1. Hi Jacob! Thanks for dropping by and for the kind comments! Glad you enjoyed both the show and the TOC! Yeah, we thought it would be quite some good fun to add a TOC like that providing a bit of an extra spice to the whole series. Thus stay tuned for some more to come up!

    Oh, by the way, following episodes may not be as extensive as this one. The first, launch episode, was more a bit of an intro and settle the ground of what you would be able to find there in upcoming episodes, so thanks for tuning in! And keep that feedback coming! πŸ™‚

  2. Luis, glad to know that you are joining the force of Dogear-Nation team. Though I have been subscrobing it, I am not so active in obesrving what they are doing recenly. Since you are there, I have to watch more carefully. Keep up GOOD work as BlueIQ Ambassadors. Ciao

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