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Dogear-Nation – Episode 61 – Adding e-mail to Luis’ Inbox

Today’s blog post is actually going to be a short one. Finally! I do realise that over the last couple of weeks most of the blogging I have been able to do has been rather extensive and turning on to the long side of things. I guess that’s what happens when you keep writing and you get more and more excited as you move from paragraph to paragraph talking about the subject that has been keeping you busy for a little while, in this case, to me, my giving up on e-mail quest, amongst several other things…

Well, today I am going to make an extra effort and, although I am still incredibly excited, I am going to try to keep things on the short side. More than anything else because of the subject I would want to touch base on. You will see exactly what I mean in a matter of seconds. So let’s get things started!

If I would have to define with a single word the last couple of days from last week, I guess I could summarise it all with this one: podcasting! Yes, that is right! Over the last few months and, ever since I got things started with this new reality of mine of having given up on e-mail, corporate e-mail, that is, I have been getting plenty of comments from different folks in various multiple online spaces (As well as in real life!) wondering whether I would be chiming in to the world of podcasting / vodcasting to continue sharing some further insights on the subject by sharing some more from the various experiences I have been going through all along.

And time and time again, I knew I always wanted to do something else extra, but felt as well I just needed to wait for the right time. Well, that right time was last week Friday, when I got invited as a special guest by the two Michaels behind the super fine, enjoyable & enlightening, some times thought-provoking, some times educational, Dogear-Nation podcast (Michael Rowe and Michael Martine, respectively) to participate on the recording of episode #61 of their weekly show. And, boy, I just couldn’t turn down such a kind offer. So over the course of a bit over an hour, and in between of some initial audio problems, we went ahead and had a superb time recording one of those podcasting episodes that would be difficult to forget for a while!

Check out "Dogear-Nation – Episode 61 – Adding e-mail to Luis’ Inbox", where over the course of roughly a bit over 30 minutes we got to talk about a whole bunch of different subjects that people had tagged for the day in del.icio.us. Here is a quick synopsis of some of the links of what we talked about so that you get some further insights of what to expect, if you go ahead and decide to have a listen:

"Social Computing
I freed myself from e-Mail’s grip – Luis Suarez  (Yes, of course, I got to talk a little bit about my experiment & what it has been like over the last few months… Six months in concrete!)
Ma.gnolia.com – Social Tagging
Thomas Vanderwal — Why Ma.gnolia is One of My Favorite Social Bookmarking Tools
University of Michigan Social Computing Degree
A New Approach to Exec Recruiting

Tablet Computing
We Want a Dead Simple Web Tablet
CherryPal PC Cherry Pal PC has Juice

Nova Science Now
She blinded me with Science and Live
IBM Slides from 1975 presentation – Powerpoint Old school

Final Thoughts
Michael R — Automagically updating Apps on iPhone
“Michael” S. — Bolder and Keep it Simple
Michael M. — Dogear-Live on Kyte.tv"

You may want to listen to the episode online over at the Dogear-Nation blog, or, alternatively, you can also download the .mp3 directly from this link. Hope you will enjoy it, just as much as we did recording the podcast. It surely was plenty of good fun & something tells me it may not be the last time that I will be participating as a guest. They have been wonderful hosts all along! 😉 heh

Oh, oh, and not to worry, that’s not the only surprise I have got ready for you folks around the area of podcasting… Stay tuned for some more to come shortly!

(A big and special Many many thanks!  to both Michaels for having me on the show! It was a fantastic experience! Thanks, guys! Till next time!)

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  1. Luis,

    Thank you for agreeing to do our show this past week. We are really looking at having fun with Kyte.tv, so people can get a behind the scenes picture of how we recording our show. This week we will be recording much earlier in the day, so check us out at http://www.kyte.tv/dogear_nation/ or come listen to Dogear-Nation on iTunes.


  2. Hi Michael! Awesome stuff! Thanks much for dropping by and for the feedback! Greatly appreciated! Thanks for sharing as well the Kyte.tv link as I am sure we would be using it over here to check out behind the scenes what’s going on while you folks are recording! heh

    Thanks a lot for the opportunity and keep those awesome episodes coming up! 🙂 heh

  3. Luis, thank you for such a gracious post and for being on the podcast with us last week. We really had a great time with you and are definately looking forward to the next time you make a guest appearance.

    We should be up on kyte at approximately 10am eastern / 16:00 central European time on Friday, with a guest appearance from none other than the fameous Epredator.

    Thanks again — will be watching for you on Twitter, Beehive, magnolia and more!

    Michael / sent from my iPhone

  4. Hiya Michael! Whooooaaaahhhh! Thanks for the lovely comments, and again, for giving me the opportunity to appear as guest speaker at your show and I am surely looking forward to the next time. I am *so* coming back! heh

    I am really looking forward to the next episode with Kyte.tv as well to watch & listen to no other than epred. It would be a fantastic experience. I am sure! I will tune in, for sure!

    Thanks again for everything and we will surely catch up with one another online! Have fun!

  5. Hi Michael! Wonderful stuff! Thanks for dropping by and for the follow up on the correct link! Appreciated the update and would certainly be very glad to chime in again this coming Friday! Thanks for the heads up and keep having fun!

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