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On the Road Again! This Time to Madrid for an Enterprise 2.0 Workshop

Yes, that’s right! If you folks have been checking my Dopplr account recently, I am going to be on the road tomorrow afternoon, once again. This time around to Madrid, where I have been a few times already this year, but this time around for a specific and concrete event I will be participating in with a couple of good friends and colleagues that I am really excited about. No, this time around I won’t be doing one of those "See the Light – Thinking out of the Inbox" sessions per se, although I am sure I would be having the opportunity to chime in and make a few connections with what has kept me busy for the last five and a half months!

The main reason why I am flying out tomorrow afternoon / evening to Madrid is to participate in a specific workshop event on Thursday morning that I have been organising with a couple of colleagues from IBM Software Spain where we will be covering a number of different topics related to Social Computing and Enterprise Social Software. The workshop event itself actually fits in quite nicely with the current work I am doing at the moment, along with the rest of my team, where we are helping accelerate the adoption of social networking & social networking tools within the IBM Software (Tech) Sales teams, and, as a result of that, to the entire company as well, since most of the stuff we do is open, public and available to everyone (Inside of the corporate firewall, that is 😉 )

Thus tomorrow afternoon I am flying over to Madrid and on Thursday morning I will be spending most of the morning, working with a couple of colleagues, and good friends, too!, on a workshop that will have two different and specific sections. The initial one where I will be spending about one hour explaining further some more what social computing is all about, some of its main key concepts, then explaining a bit my team’s mission and goals and then, finally, hoping to engage in a good conversation as to why Enterprise 2.0 is there and why we should engage with it & start embracing it for our daily interactions while we collaborate, connect and share our knowledge with others.

Pretty much along the lines of the slide deck you will be able to find over at IBM: Web 2.0 Goes to Work, which has been shared in Slideshare already, and which was recently presented by my boss’ boss, Gina Poole, at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. But perhaps with a couple of modifications to accommodate an internal only audience. I have taken the liberty of embedding that deck from Gina to give you a glimpse of what I would be covering on that first hour:

IBM Web 2 0 Goes To Work Presentation:

Then, once we are done with the first hour, we would go for a short break, and right after that the good fun will start! A couple of IBM folks from the IBM SWG Tech Sales team and myself will be working through, following a workshop format, two hours of intense practical tips on how to carry out common tasks from our day to day interactions with a 2.0 flavour, while we collaborate and share our knowledge with other fellow peers by focusing on some of the most powerful, and popular!, Enterprise 2.0 applications that IBM has got as offerings and which we are also making use as part of the Technology Adoption Program:

Lotus Notes 8
Lotus Sametime 8,x
Lotus Connections
Lotus Quickr
Lotus Sametime Unyte

At the same time, we would also be covering some of the various different IBM Research applications that we are all currently testing out through the TAP program I mentioned above and which would give folks a nice intro into the bleeding edge of some of the most compelling Enterprise 2.0 tools IBM has been testing for a little while now. Like, for instance, Fringe, Beehive, Small Blue / Atlas, Cattail, Media Library and a bunch of others. Plenty of good fun, I am sure!

A solidly packed workshop of closer to three hours which will keep us busy for most of the day. Then right after that, I will be staying in the city for a few hours before flying back home late in the evening. Thus I am not really sure whether I would be having plenty of time, but if you are around and want to get together for a coffee, tea, a quick chat or something, give me a shout and we can look if we can make it fit this time around…

I wish I could share some of the stuff we will be covering during this workshop, as I am sure you would be wondering right now whether I would be able to share the various materials, but I am afraid that this is an internal only event since some of the slides, plus most of the demo is of a sensitive nature containing information that may not be suitable for everyone. Hopefully, as time goes by I may be able to share some more of these materials after sanitising them a bit. We shall see how that goes …

Either way, we are back on the road! And I can’t wait to share with folks how they can be more productive in their daily routines by spicing up their interactions with some more 2.0 flavours coming from all over the place!

(Oh, did I mention how we actually organised the whole entire event through a Connections Activity and a conference call? Not a single e-mail was sent out whatsoever! :-D)

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