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Trip to Boeblingen to Present at “Web 2.0 and System z” & “See the Light”

If you have been checking out my Dopplr account you would probably know by now how tomorrow I am on the road again! After a short break of a few days with no travelling I am back at it again! This time around to Germany, once more, and more precisely to Böblingen (a.k.a. Boeblingen), where I will be presenting at a couple of different events around the topic of "See the Light – Thinking out of the Inbox". Yes, indeed, what has kept me rather busy and hectic over the last few months! 🙂 Telling people about how I have given up on e-mail, i.e. corporate e-mail for my daily interactions and instead make much more heavier use of social networking tools.

I will be arriving in Sindelfingen on Monday afternoon where I will be staying there till Thursday morning when I head back home again. Thus I am going to spend the next three days away from home again. I am sure you may be wondering where I will be speaking again, right? Well, this time around it is eventually two different events; one of them you are already very familiar with and the other one a new one of which I am very very glad it is happening. Let’s start with the one you folks don’t know about.

It is actually a one day workshop, with a massively packed up agenda, organised by one of my fellow IBM colleagues, and good friend, Kevin Keller (He is also twittering over here), who a few days ago already provided in his blog a good account of what we are going to expect during the whole event. Go and have a look into Getting started with Web 2.0 on System z and you will see what I mean. And here is the main reason why I am excited about this particular workshop: social computing crossing the line into hardware to demonstrate, and not only within software, you can live a 2.0 life working around hardware! How cool is that? Can’t wait for the Hardware 2.0 show to get started where I am sure that I will get to learn plenty of things on one aspect of social networking that was taken a bit of time to merge nicely: moving away from the traditional software side of things and proving there is also Life 2.0 within Hardware! Excellent stuff!

From the agenda itself, you will notice as well how another one of my IBM fellow colleagues, and good friend, Martin Packer, is also going to be there presenting at such event. This is really nice as well, because I know Martin for many years from all of our interactions in the various social computing spaces, yet it will be the first time we ever meet face to face! Yes, I know, beers & some really good conversations are already part of the deal, too! 🙂

Of course, needless to say that my pitch while at the workshop would be around the topic of "See the Light – Thinking out of the Inbox", that most of you are already familiar with, if you have been reading this blog for a few months now. It should be an interesting one as I would expect plenty of interactions from the audience on how  what I am doing may apply to themselves as well. Or not. A bit intrigued at the moment, I must admit. We shall see…

So that is going to be on the first day, Tuesday, I am in Böblingen. On Wednesday I will be participating on another event which you already know about, since I have blogged about it over here a few weeks back. It is another episode from the road show series of "See the Light – Thinking out of the Inbox" where this time around my fellow IBM German colleagues lead by my good friend Martti Garden will be taking the show to the Lab, to IBM Böblingen, too! It should be an interesting session as well as we have been getting plenty of feedback from those folks on how keen they all are to get exposed a little bit to Enterprise 2.0 and social computing in general.

Thus my presentation is going to be very similar to the ones I have given in the past, and talking about the past, stay tuned because very shortly, I am hoping to be able to share the video recording of one of those shows where you would be able to witness the best presentation I have done all along thus far on the topic. Right now I am still producing the video so that it doesn’t take much space online, but once I have got it up and running I will create a quick blog post with the link to it so that you can get to see what I talk about much more extensively than 20 or 30 minutes. Thus watch out for it, because I am sure you are going to have plenty of good fun with it.

And that’s it, folks. On the road again! Needless to say that if you would want to get together for a drink or two while I am there in Böblingen or Sindelfingen (Where my hotel is) -or even in Stuttgart itself, just give me a shout and I am sure that we would be able to arrange something! Looking forward to that! 😀

But for now, time to keep watching some of the most unbelievable tennis in history from the King of Clay vs. the King of Grass in the finals of an amazingly thrilling classic tournament!

(Let the best win it all!)

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  1. Luis,
    I rememebr Boeblingen well, there was a guy tehre, Harry who was the manager there back in 99 or so and we weree discussing migrations of users to mainframes and from them.
    Great place, excellent sessions usually.

  2. Luis, I just arranged it with Kevin Keller – so I will be in Böblingen too. Looking forward to the event.

    If you and any IBM colleagues are interested in the WikiWednesday Stuttgart, it’s due Wednesday evening in Stuttgart city (and there are some nice places nearby to have a beer or two with the local enterprise 2.0 guys).

  3. Hi folks! Thanks much for dropping by and for the kind feedback! Keith, I know what you mean. I am really looking forward to being in Boeblingen. It is one of the few IBM Labs I haven’t visited in Europe and can’t wait! It would be my first time in there and I am surely looking forward to checking out and hanging out with folks over there for the next couple of days! Really nice! I will let you know if I bump into Harry again, although I have some doubts he would still be there … We shall see 🙂 heh

    Martin, that’s just EXCELLENT!!! Really glad to know you will be in Boeblingen for the workshop and FINALLY we would be able to catch up properly with things! We tried two times already and it was not enough! I need more! hehe

    Hey, really great that you will be there as well and glad to read Kevin could accommodate. Looking forward to that!

    With regards to the WikiWednesday Stuggart, I think I would be able to make it… I am doing another session on Wednesday afternoon probably finishing at around 5 to 5.30 pm CET, so if it takes place after that it sounds like a great opportunity to come over! And I am IN for the drinks, too! See if that would change my thoughts about Stuttgart 😉 hehe

    By the way, I guess I can bring in some more folks with me, right? I will get in touch with you later on tonight in Twitter, if it is back up, if not will give you a quick phone call…

    Thanks again for dropping by and look forward to the events! Way too much fun awaiting us! 😀

  4. Hi Sawada-san! Thanks for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Boeblingen is a really really nice place and so far I am enjoying it quite a bit. Great workshop discussing System z and Web 2.0 and the kind of impact it would have within the current workplace! Some really good stuff about changing behaviours and people’s views on how to stay productive with all of these 2.0, still within the hardware space! Really nice!

    And tomorrow some more with “See the Ligh” road show! Wooohooo! Nice!

  5. It is GREAT that you are REALLY enjoying the workshop.
    I would like to give you MY best place to visit there that
    is NICE LOOKING reastautant by the FALL in the RHEIN near SHAFFHAUSEN, not really in Germany that is second best country after JAPAN where you should be next time. CIAO

  6. WOW! What a great suggestion, Sawada-san! We already have got plans for the evening with the folks from this workshop, but I am going to take note of that for the next time that I am in town as I am sure it won’t be the last time I am back over here! Too nice to just be here a single time! Thanks for dropping by and for the lovely suggestion. Greatly appreciated! 🙂

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