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Trip to Varese to Present at International Enterprise 2.0 Forum

One of the main disadvantages from travelling sprees is that, at one point in time or another, your body will tell you you have gone too far that time around, and that is when you know that things need to slow down a bit. For your own good! Well, that’s just what has happened to me in the last couple of days. I came back from another business trip to Lucerne, Switzerland, then Madrid, Spain, and by end of last week I got home to rest for a day or two before my next one; and I knew things weren’t just right when my left wrist started to ache quite a bit with some lacerating pain for an extended period of time!

At the very beginning, I got worried it might have got to do with RSI (By the way, here you have got three superb video links with some great tips on how to avoid & prevent it from happening at any given point in time!), so right away I went to the doctor on Friday to have my left wrist checked out and I just couldn’t believe the diagnosis while I was there: I have now officially got a slight tendinitis due to all of the intensive travelling and carrying my laptop bag and suitcase all over the place ignoring their weight!!! Goodness! Who would have thought about that, right?

Well, as you can imagine, first thing the doctor said to me was, rest, rest, rest, get that left wrist back in shape with some cold / hot baths, some drugs, some anti-inflammatory cream and some physio sessions to go through over the next couple of weeks! And so I began with my recovery period where the pain is now almost gone, I can move my left wrist just as good as I was able to, thus I am almost back in shape. Still, things are going to run a bit slow with regards to my online presence. I first need to get everything sorted out, go through those physio sessions over the next few days and then get back in full force. Yes, you guess it right! I am not going to take any risks on this one!

After all, I just got one left wrist. I better take care of it. That’s why things have been quiet over here and elsewhere during the entire weekend! There is nothing like enjoying some peace and quiet recovering from some painful condition knowing you need to stay away from everything computer related! And so I have managed to stay away for nearly four days getting things back to almost normal. Today, I have been in a couple of conference calls, meetings, some online interactions, but still taking it easy as much as I possibly can. And it seems to be working…

Thus you would have to excuse my erratic presence over here and elsewhere where I get to hang out as elsua. No, I am not going away, I am just trying to fully recover and learn a lesson or two on why being a popular figure sometimes has got its toll to pay for 😉

I just want to thank everyone who has been calling me, e-mailing me (:-P ), IMing, twittering, and whatever other online interactions for their kind words for a speedy recovery! It is greatly appreciated and not to worry, we are slowly, but steadily, getting there! Thus thanks much for those kind comments! They are greatly appreciated!

You may be wondering by now what I am up to this week, right? Well, of course, I am travelling again! But this time around very very light and having learnt my lesson! At the same time I have got a lovely surprise I am hoping you folks would enjoy very shortly, as I have been thinking about it and feel it is about time, too! More than anything else because you have been asking about it as well! Stay tuned!

Where am I going to travel this week? Well, to Italy (For the first time in my life!), to Varese, to be more precise, where I will be participating in one of those special Enterprise 2.0 events organised by a good bunch of really good friends where you know that things will just be outstanding!

Yes, that is right. I am flying out tomorrow morning to participate on Wednesday at the first Enterprise 2.0 Forum in Varese, Italy, and organised, amongst many other folks (i.e. Open Knowledge and the Università dell’Insubria (University of Varese)), by my good friend Emanuele Quintarelli (One of the most impressive Thought Leaders in the Enterprise 2.0 in Europe, and probably worldwide, too, and who I can seriously recommend subscribing to his blog if you would want to get exposed to some really helpful, insightful and thought-provoking articles on Social Computing within the Enterprise in general).

As you would be able to see from the main homepage of the event, the agenda for the one day event, which is FREE, by the way, is rather impressive to say the least, with a very high profile of International speakers from the Enterprise 2.0 world, like Thomas van der Wal, David Terrar, Stewart Mader, Laurence Lock Lee or Ran Shribman. Worth while getting there, while you can, to tap into all of those folks’ expertise and knowledge on the subject of Social Computing. Excellent stuff!

Yours truly will be there as well, speaking just after lunch, on the topic that has kept him busy for the last few months and which he is hoping to continue doing some more blogging about, once this travelling madness finishes up for a while. Yes, that is right. I will be speaking again about my favourite topic nowadays: See the Light – Thinking out of the Inbox!

I am not sure whether the sessions will be recorded and everything. I hope so. I know there will be a simultaneous translator, English to Italian and vice versa, I guess, to help out with getting the message across, but if the sessions are recorded I am looking forward to sharing some further links, whenever they would become available.

For now, suffice to say this is one of those events that is going to make history for the Enterprise 2.0 world in Europe, since it there are plenty of folks coming over from all over Europe (And the rest of the world!) to catch up further with a superb event, and I would be one of those lucky people who will get to mix and mingle with some incredibly smart talent from all over the place!

I will be arriving in Varese tomorrow afternoon and will stay there till Thursday early noon, so if you would want to get together, while in there, to enjoy a drink or two, give me a shout and we will get together. For sure! After all, do you have anything better to do on June 25th for something of such great quality with such a bunch of great speakers (No, not to worry, I don’t include myself on that bunch! 😛 ) and AT NO CHARGE? …

I doubt it… (See you there, then!)

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  1. Hi Luis – really hope the wrist gets better and that you have a good time in Varese. Shame we won’t see you at Reboot – you would love it.

    Really enjoyed hanging with you in Boston and hope to see you soon 🙂

  2. Well, I was one of the attendant of this event and it was a great one!
    It would be interesting to have your slides even if I understand that slides are nothing against the pleasure to hear your speech directly, it was energizing. As you can see, I remember at least one point, no email 😉

  3. Hello folks! Thanks much for the feedback comments and for dropping by! I must say that the event surely was a fantastic one! All of the speakers did a superb job and got engaged with multiple insightful conversations! I really loved it! And will be looking forward to the next one! For sure!

    Oliver, thanks for the comments on the wrists. They are both doing just fine at the moment and this coming Monday I am starting with the physio on the left one. See how it goes from there, but the worst is now over, for certain!

    Lee, I know what you mean about not being at Reboot. It is one of those conferences I know I need to go at some point in time. No doubt! This year it was Enterprise 2.0. Next year, it will be Reboot. I am not going to miss it for anything next year! Hope we are able to meet up again way before then, perhaps as close as this coming September / October! I will keep you posted!

    Ciao Nicola, thanks a bunch for dropping by and for making it to the event! I am really glad to read you have enjoyed it quite a bit and just wished we had a bit more time to talk some more! Perhaps on the next one!

    With regards to the slide deck, you will find it in this blog post I put together not long ago, which contains the longer version of it.

    Let me know if you would need more help or info and glad you are joining us in our quest to give up e-mail altogether! Slowly, but steadily, we are getting there! Have fun!

  4. Hi Luis. I participated at the event: it was really great.
    Thank you for your speech, very much. And thank also for sharing your slides. See you soon, I hope.

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