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Trip to Boston to Attend Enterprise 2.0 Conference

You may have noticed how things have been rather quieter over here in the last few weeks. From that regular blogging space I have now turned around into some irregular blogging one. And that’s fine. As most of you have noticed already, I have been travelling all over the place quite a bit lately, having returned from Germany a couple of days ago, after I was done with the superb "See the Light 2.0" roadshow and once again I am on the road again! One day of hardly any rest and we are off!

There are LOTS and LOTS of stuff I got piled up in my draft posts that I would want to touch base on and, believe me, they will eventually get there in its due time, but for now allow me to share with you a few details as where I will be this week. Then, as time goes by, I will be coming around those different drafts and share them with you, so that you can get a good overview of what I have been up to in the last few weeks.

But for now, I shall just mentioned how I stayed home last Friday, getting ready to go to one of those events that I always wanted to go to, for the last couple of years, and which this year I have finally been able to make it. I am in Boston, MA (Arrived last night already), and will, at long last, be attending the Enterprise 2.0 conference event! Wooohooo! Yeah, that is exactly how I felt when I got the confirmation details I would be here!

Over the last few hours, I have already been tasting some of what is waiting for me with a whole bunch of folks talking about it and what they are expecting to see. For me, you can imagine how I have plenty of really high expectations and right away I know that they will be met and ever so much more!

As usual, the biggest takeaway for me is going to be the massive networking I will be getting exposed to coming from all over the place! Most of the folks I have been following in the Enterprise 2.0 space are going to be here and I just can’t wait to put a face behind all of our different interactions! About time, too! Indeed! The programme itself is amazingly impressive and to indicate now what sessions I will actually be going for is a bit too soon! This time around I am going to take a different approach. I am going forward with a dynamic agenda. Nothing settled down just yet. Too much I would want to see, and check out, too little time, so I am going to go with the flow and see what catches my attention at that very minute. I already have got some pretty good ideas, but like I said, this time around it is going to be a dynamic one. For sure!

Of course, I will be blogging about it all! In fact, you can expect to have some massively intense period of time where that would be the only thing I will talk about over here. And hope you folks out there would be ok with it. To me, this particular event is one of the most prominent in the Enterprise 2.0 & Social Computing spaces and as such it is going to have a special place in this blog. And that’s why I am shooting for some pretty intense blogging overall coming up in the next couple of weeks, if not longer!

Yes, that is right. I will be blogging about the whole thing pretty intensely, but you would have to allow me to perhaps even go through the event itself. With the massively packed agenda, with some much stuff going on in the Demo Pavilion, along with the various networking activities, as well as various customer meetings from folks over here throughout the week, I doubt I would have some time to capture in blog posts what I will be getting exposed to. And on top of that, the very little time that I had already is way way gone with the massive physical social networking I am planning to do in real life while at the event, which means that I would have to decide whether I would be getting any sleep or blogging. And, of course, sleep will win 😉 (Otherwise there is no way I will be up and running properly the next day!!! heh).

So you may be wondering how can you catch up with me during the course of this week, right?, if those blog posts will not be coming up as often as you would expect? Well, I am going to give Twitter another chance. Yes, that is right! You are reading it correctly! Those folks who have been following me in Twitter know how I have been on the brink of giving up on it for good after the massive issues they have been having with its performance. This week though I am giving them just one more chance: The Enterprise 2.0 event. Plenty of folks have been wondering whether Twitter would be one of those tools that could make it to the Enterprise 2.0 space, right? Well, I think this is THE chance for Twitter to prove that! At least, for me.

My good friend Dennis Howlett is actually going to moderate a really good panel on this very same subject, so it would be interesting to see how it would come out in the end. We shall see. You would agree with me how this is going to be one pretty impressive event overall, even if you are not into Drag Queens (;-P), so here is where you would be able to find me during the course of the conference for the entire week: Twitter elsua & Twitter elsuacon.

The first of my two Twitter ids is the one I will be using to carry on with conversations I will be having with folks throughout the event. The one that would be gathering all of my thoughts as I engage into what’s going on. The second one, the elsuacon one, is the one where my Twitterrhea about the various sessions I will be attending is going to go. It is surely going to be pretty intense in there, since I will be capturing thoughts, reactions, feedback, experiences, etc. etc. that I will be using at a later time for my highlights blog posts from the overall event. Main reason why I am going to use that second Twitter id is to basically not to scare off people with far too many tweets! And also because it would allow me to capture quick thoughts without having to elaborate far too much and therefore not miss much in between. Then I will be able to elaborate some more further. So if you think you are brave enough to follow that one, here is the feed you can subscribed to. But, like I said, nothing to worry about. Over the next few weeks I am planning on covering extensively in this blog what I have been experiencing. Somehow I sense it will be a life changing experience. One of those events that will leave a mark (For bad or for good!) and plenty of food for thought on where we are and where we are heading and I am just one of those privileged folks who will be sharing his two cents about such event!

I am ready for the show to get started! Are you?

Let’s get busy then!

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