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Next08 – Highlights from Attended Speaker Sessions

Continuing further with some more highlights from the superb event I attended a couple of weeks back in Hamburg, Next08, I thought I would go ahead and share another blog post where I will not be mentioning much more about the Keynote speakers, since I did that last time, but more with the rest of the breakout sessions that I got to attend for the remaining of the day. One thing that you may have noticed already is how the great folks from Next08 have already provided some preview of what other people attending the event have been blogging and twittering about all along, including plenty of pictures shared all along by a whole bunch of folks. Thus you may want to have a look into that as well.

At the same time you may have noticed how a good number of the recorded videos are starting to become available for everyone to enjoy and in multiple spaces. So what I will do from here is just share a line or two from the breakout sessions I attended and a quick thought on whether it would be worth while for you folks to watch the video replay or not. That way you would be able to keep up accordingly, and at your own pace, with what has been happening. So let’s get the ball rolling…

Being Real-time: Google’s Mobile Strategy by Robert Hamilton (Google Mobile Management)

The video replay is already available on the Next08 and this would be one of those breakout sessions that I attended that would be worth while watching again. More than anything else to watch where Google is going with its Search engine, amongst many other items, within the Mobile 2.0 world. One keyword coming to mind, even after two weeks that the event is now finished: FAST!! Or, even, FASTER!!!

Decaffeinating Tea – Why Enterprise 2.0 isn’t – what it needs to make it happen by Jeremy Ruston (British Telecom)

Although Jeremy’s video replay is not yet readily available for watching, I can certainly recommend that you take a look into it, whenever it makes it. More than anything else because Jeremy engages in a very interesting and thought-provoking presentation (Using TiddlyWiki, by the way. No PPT slides at all! – Loved it!) where he touches on a good number of elements to take into account with regards to the adoption of Enterprise 2.0 that converge in most cases into cultural aspects, and not just technology. Very inspiring session that settles the ground on where the next generation of the workforce is already and how they themselves will be shaping up the future workplace! Truly engaging and remarkable, to say the least. Like I said, it would be interesting for you to watch this one, whenever it would become available.

And perhaps, for now, and to give you a glimpse of what you will find out, check out Fischmarkt’s summary of Jeremy’s session where you can read some more as to what Jeremy is up to in helping shape the workplace of the future, one where the knowledge workers themselves would be the ones in power! Very good, indeed!

Thinking out of the Inbox – More Collaboration through less e-mail by Luis Suarez (Social Computing Evangelist at IBM)

Going to keep things short on this one, since I already blogged about this particular session where yours truly gave a speech on where we are with Enterprise 2.0 from a corporate perspective as well as sharing my own experiences on my new reality of having given up on work related e-mail. The video replay has now been made available, but I will be creating a new blog post on it specifically, as I would want to share with you folks a thing or two I got from listening to the replay once again. Too funny to watch yourself on a computer screen doing such stuff, I tell you. Thus stay tuned for that one to be posted and feel free to leave a comment if it sparks a question or two while going through it.

Things we care about by Ryan Singer (37signals)

This is one other session that I surely enjoyed quite a bit! And even though I am not a designer, nor a developer, I still found it incredibly inspiring and mind-blowing! Why? Well, because Ryan spent a few minutes explaining, through demos, how certain design elements would work out with different Web sites to help enrich the user experience tremendously and although I know that for most of you folks out there this would not be any news to you, I can honestly say that I wish most of the Web 2.0 tools that I use out there would implement a few of these designer enhancements that Ryan explained and covered very nicely, because it is caring about the smaller details when putting those interfaces together that surely have the highest impact. And Ryan was able to transmit that throughout the whole time! Just brilliant and highly recommended!

Oh, and his session is available through the video replay already! Go ahead, watch & educate yourself on what Web design should always be about!

From there onwards there were a couple of other breakout sessions that I didn’t get to attend, since they were in German, and my German skills are a bit rusty at the moment, so I decided, instead, to do some serious social networking face to face and have a few conversations with various folks coming from different areas of expertise, but all of them with a commitment to make Enterprise 2.0 a success within their own companies. Quite re-energising to see all of that talent coming together into changing the way the corporate world has operated for the last few years. Very refreshing stuff, if you would ask me, because whether we like it or not, this is going to be the generation of folks who will be ruling the corporate world in the next couple of years, if not already! … I can imagine how some of the pictures taken were able to capture those precious moments of an engaging dialogue with someone you share a common passion. Priceless!

And, finally, the last session was the wrap-up session from Gunter Dueck, which I have talked about previously, and one of those sessions that although I didn’t make it, as I was busy with meetings, & Gunter was giving his speech in German, it surely was worth while the time! Kept bumping into people that afternoon saying that his session was one of the very best from the entire the event! And with that introduction, I am certainly looking forward for someone to be able to translate the main thoughts into a blog post in English that we could all digest. Another one in German may also help out quite a bit!

That was it, folks! That’s it for me for today on the highlights from the breakout sessions I was able to attend during Next08. There are plenty more, of course, since there were four concurrent tracks taking place, so you may want to head over to the Agenda and check out some of the remaining sessions, which are already having the replays of them available on the main site for the event, so you can watch them at your own pace…

In an upcoming blog post, the last one from the series, I will be sharing some of the different highlights from a personal perspective from the people I met there, as well as the organisation of the overall event, which I think did a GREAT job! Thus stay tuned, because there is more to come!

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  1. Thanks for putting all this together. Just watched your presentation and also the BT presentation. Really inspiring how you have stopped using email and focused your attention and energies on open and transparent social software products to convey your message.

    Off to watch the 37signals presentation now.

  2. Hi Richard! Thanks much for dropping by and for the kind feedback! Glad you enjoyed both sessions while watching the replays. Good stuff! Yes, I can imagine it has been an inspiration, not only from your part, but also from my own part, since I have learnt plenty over the last few months and it surely would be something that would be worth while spreading the message around, which is what I have been doing all along. And still plenty more to come. Like I said, I have seen the potential, i.e. the light, and there is no way that I am going backwards on this one. Having so much more fun now, too!

    Oh, and yes, you will enjoy the 37signals presentation. It is brilliant for its simplicity, but I do hope Web developers get to watch it to learn what Web design should be all about!

    Keep having fun! 🙂

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