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Next08 – Thinking out of the Inbox – More Collaboration through less e-mail (Presentation Material)

What a fantastic couple of days I have been experiencing here in Hamburg, Germany, attending an event worth while remembering for quite some time to come: Next08. Yes, indeed, so much so that today is the day after and I am still buzzing!; not only because of the superb quality of the speakers and presentations, but also because of the overall event itself, including the organisation and overall setup. And what to say about the massive social networking activities going on throughout? Just brilliant!

Anyway, while I am getting ready to start putting together some thoughts, sharing some of the various highlights from the couple of days I have been enjoying over here, I may be able to share something over the weekend, when I head back home again, I thought I would create a blog post today sharing with you folks the presentation materials I used for my early afternoon pitch.

From the feedback I have been collecting, it looks like plenty of folks enjoyed it quite a bit!, most of the comments were along the lines of when and where I would be sharing the deck, as people may want to re-use some of the materials themselves. This time around, there isn’t anything sensitive nor confidential in the slide deck, so I have already gone ahead and shared the slides across over in Slideshare.

The title of the presentation, as you well know already, is Thinking out of the Inbox – More Collaboration through less e-mail and you would be able to download it as well directly from there. However, if you would prefer, I have also embedded the deck here below in case you would want to check it out right away. You will notice how I have shared it in PDF format with the speaker notes as well and although I have received as well a couple of comments on other slides I could include, for now I am just sharing it as I used it during Next08. Then, at a later time, because I am sure it is not going to be the last time I present on this same topic (In fact, got piled up a bunch of events where I am going to be re-using the same theme throughout), I will go ahead and upload the updated version.

At the same time, some of the other feedback comments I got as questions will eventually get their extended answers as well in the form of blog posts. Examples like what tools do I use the most, for what purpose, how do I manage working with multiple social software tools at the same time, how can I find the content I shared with someone else, etc. etc. are just a few of the areas I will be covering over the next few days / weeks.

But for now, and as a petition for all of those folks who asked about it, here is the embedded version of the slide deck and here is the direct link to it as well. I have been advised as well that the sessions were all recorded and everything, so whenever I can get my hands on the audio itself of the pitch I will go ahead and let you know as well, so that you can get to go through all I said during the course of those 30 minutes.

Thus here it is. Feel free to append a comment over here, or in Slideshare itself, if you would want to ask further questions, share your feedback or some other advice you think I could do with to improve the overall deck and message. Hope you enjoy it, just as much as I did presenting in a fully packed room with plenty of folks asking lots of interesting questions!

Thinking out of the Inbox – More Collaboration through less e-mail

(Oh, I mentioned this on the Slideshare space itself, but I thought I would repeat it over here as well. A special thanks! goes to Craig Cmehil, Ed Stephens and Ralph Demuth for their generous contributions in helping me shape some of the ideas for the deck itself! Thanks, guys!)

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  1. Hello Sawada-san! Thanks much for the kind feedback comments and for dropping by! Glad you enjoyed it! I am currently waiting for the recording to become available and then will link to it over here as well. I think it would make plenty more sense with the words along with it. We shall see. Again, appreciated the feedback and kind comments. Thanks!

  2. Aloha Luis,
    A thorough, entertaining and informative presentation! One quibble about the dimensions of trust. The standard, reasonably parsimonious trust dimensions in much of the academic literature these days are competence, benevolence and integrity. See some citations on my website.
    I’d welcome your research citations for two dimensions.
    That said, my data on social media use and trust are indeed showing a blurring of benevolence and integrity.
    Thank you so much for your posts.
    Best Regards,

  3. Hi Dan! Many many thanks for the feedback comments and for dropping by! Truly some fascinating stuff in your Web site! I am really looking forward to reading some of the different papers you have put together around the subject of trust, because while peeking through it you surely have raised my interest and want to read some more. For sure! Very enlightening and educational and glad we are making the connection over here on this topic. I will be keeping in touch and let you know how I am doing…

    Also I will be replying to the Facebook msg. you sent out a little while ago asking for some info details. Not looking good, but still want to let you know about some details.

    Oh, oh, and finally, I think that you are probably the one reader I keep getting back over here from Hawaii! Fantastic!! Welcome! 🙂

  4. Great presentation. I’m sharing with my coworkers and it’s generating a very interesting and valuable discussion. Thanks for posting it!

  5. Hello Luis,

    thank you very much for the interesting presentation during the next.08 in Hamburg. I look forward to talk with you about new collaboration tools to substitute email especially in traditional corporations.

    Best regards from Munich

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