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Trip to Hamburg to Present at Next08 – May 15th

If someone would have told me, some time last year, that things were going to be this busy at this time of the year, I would have told them they would be crazy! Alas, it is me the one who is going crazy! Wonderfully crazy, if I may say so! With no time to continue finalising the drafts I have been putting together for the IBM Web 2.0 and Beyond Summit, with which I am going to take another approach, as a new experiment, and see how things would go from there (See if I can finally push them through), here I am putting together another blog post to share with you folks the details of another trip I will be embarking on very shortly.

Yes, indeed, I will be on the road again! This time around to Hamburg, Germany, and as early as next week to attend an external conference whose line-up put together so far is rather fascinating and impressive: Next Conference, a.k.a. Next08 – Realtime. At the same time that I will be attending the event, I have been invited to participate as one of the speakers (Have got a keynote session at 2.45 p.m. CET on May 15th) and will have the great honour of sharing the stage with one of the folks I have been following for quite some time now and for whom I have got plenty of admiration accumulated over the course of the years. Yes, I am talking about JP Rangaswami, author from Confused of Calcutta and today Managing Director of BT Design for BT Group, according to the Wikipedia.

If you care for a moment to check out the agenda you would be able to see the good amount of great speakers that will be there, too. Some of them folks I have been following, and violently agreeing with all along, for quite some time as well, but who I have never met face to face and next week may be the perfect chance to do so. Examples like Stowe Boyd, yes, that edgling, Steve Rubel (The one and only!), Stefan Kellner (From Plazes), Gunter Dueck (Fellow IBM colleague who has done some tremendous piece of work on Knowledge Management and data warehouses), Leisa Reichelt (Author of the super fine Disambiguity) and the list goes on and on and on.

Thus with that specific agenda and impressive list of amazing speakers, you can imagine that the excitement is starting to grow inside of me quite a bit. More than anything else, because it is just right around the corner and can’t wait to get there and continue to learn from all of these thought leaders who have been pioneering in the Social Computing and Enterprise 2.0 spaces for quite a bit already!

In case you are wondering what I would be talking about at the event, I am sure that, if you have been following this blog for a while, you would already have a sense of what it will be about. Yes, indeed, about my experiment on giving up on e-mail, work related e-mail, that is. And with the well known title (Put together already by Craig Cmehil and Ed Stephens, respectively) of "Thinking out of the Inbox – More Collaboration through less e-mail". I have already finished the slide deck and this time around it is very much public, for open consumption, outside of the firewall, so once I get the heads up from the conference organisers I will be sharing the deck over here, after I upload it into Slideshare.

Yes, almost ready, indeed! You may be wondering when I am planning on getting there, right? Well, I will be arriving on the 13th, at around mid-day and will be leaving Hamburg on the 17th of May late in the evening. So if you fancy getting together for a drink or two, or to catch up with a lovely conversation while I am there, do not hesitate to contact me and we will arrange something, I am sure. For now, signing off and checking out some further details from the overall conference itself, which I am sure is going to be one of those special events where I might get to finally figure out whether I am a centroid or an edgling. Or something in between, who knows 🙂 heh

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  1. Normally I am only 2 hours away from Hamburg, 3 if there is lots of traffic BUT instead on the 15th and 16th I am 4 hours further south at the SAP Campus – very bummed you are virtually in my back yard and I’m going to miss the chance to hook up. But I will be following how it goes – best of luck on the presentation!

  2. Hi folks! Thanks a bunch for the feedback comments and for dropping by! Craig, not to worry. I figured you would have been busy with plenty of work related stuff and whatever else. And from your tweets shared lately things haven’t improved much at the moment, with much more important things to attend to! Hope Aaron is feeling much much better and hope for a speedy recovery! Sending good vibes across all over the place! 🙂

    I have just shared another blog post where I have shared where I will be going to stay over the next few days in Germany and although I do not expect to be able to meet up, since you have got much more important things to take care of, let me assure I will be thinking of you folks! I am sure there would be other times where we could meet up. For sure! Let’s keep in touch and all the best!

    Peter, thanks a lot for sharing your feedback, too! I have taken a look into the link you shared and although I can see listed a number of videos in there, I am missing still quite a few, including the one where I did the pitch on Enterprise 2.0. I am wondering whether you actually know when those videos will be shared as they are the very last showing up, or about to show up, so if you could share any thoughts in that respect they would be greatly appreciated!

    Looking forward to re-checking some of the really cool sessions we attended and hope all replays become available soon! Thanks again! 🙂

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