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Trip to Barcelona on 19th May – Fancy Meeting Up?

I was just on the verge of posting over here in this blog the first of three posts that I have put together sharing some of the various highlights from the IBM Web 2.0 and Beyond summit, along with one other blog post detailing my experience while I was in NYC for a couple of days, but then I realised that each of them are rather lenghthy entries and since yesterday I created a couple of blog posts over here already I thought I would go easy with some light blogging today in preparation for what’s ahead in the next couple of days πŸ˜‰

So, with all of that said, I am just going to put together a few lines in here to let folks know that, once again, I will be on the road travelling to meet up with a couple of customers. This time around, as you may have been able to check through my Dopplr account already, next week, on the 19th of May, and till the 22nd, travelling to Barcelona and with a fully packed agenda for the 20th and 21st meeting various clients to discuss Social Computing within the Enterprise, and the kind of impact Social Software is having within the corporate world.

I will be coming back on the 22nd and since I already got the flight tickets and everything I just need to worry about the hotel, although I have been provided with some excellent recommendations already. Probably staying in the city center to be able to move easily and quickly, too! I doubt I would be getting much free time during the course of the 20th and 21st, specially during the working hours, but other than that it looks as if I am going to be pretty free for the rest of the time.

Thus fancy meeting up? How about some lovely tapas, a couple of beers here and there and all of that on the beach?!?! That’s the plan I have already set up with Tom Raftery, who earlier on today contacted me through Twitter to let me know that he got notified by Dopplr that we would be both going to the same city at the same time! How cool is that? (Dopplr ROCKS!!!) He is going to be there for the Startup 2.0 event, while I will be meeting up with customers, but it sounds like a really cool plan to me! Not only will I be able to finally meet up with him in real life, but I would be able to catch up with the event he will be attending with his highlights while I treat him for a drink or two πŸ˜‰ heh

I know as well that Ferdy Rodenas lives in Barcelona, so that’s probably going to make it easy as well to meet up with someone I have been looking forward meeting up for a little while now, after all of our online interactions in various different places, just like Tom.

Thus there you go. We got a plan. Tapas, beers, a bunch of good friends and all of that on the beach, because I am sure the weather is going to be rather nice. Want to meet up, if you are around? Do let us know. Through a comment over here, or on Tom’s blog or Ferdy’s or hook up with us on Twitter. Probably the easiest way. Hope to see you there!

(Not sure just yet whether I would be able to blog about the outcome of the meetings with these customers, you would need to wait for a few more days, but if I can, I surely will, because so far the the scenarios are just perfect on one of the core arguments that I use for my pitch on Social Software in the Enterprise. Stay tuned for more to come…)

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  1. Hi Luis. I am going to reserve an invitation to Startup 2.0 for you. There is a couple of projects that you might like and it would be a great way to meet you!

  2. Hi folks! Thanks much for dropping by! I surely look forward as well to meeting up with you both and catch up from our various different online interactions.

    Tom, I will certainly be in touch, probably through Twitter and then through our mobile numbers to get together at some point. Will keep you posted, for sure!

    Jose, THANKS EVER SO MUCH for the kind invitation for the Startup 2.0 event. It would be an honour to accept such and invite and will contact you offline for further details. Not sure whether I would be having plenty of free time for it, but if I can escape I would be more than delighted to make it over to the event and get you hang out with plenty of really cool folks, along with yourself. About time, too! Stay tuned for more details to come your way!

    Thanks again and look forward to seeing you both while in there! πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Luis, it would be fantastic to meet you in the Real Worldβ„’. Let me know when you have more details (planning, …), as we need to set up an incredible fiesta!

  4. Hi Ferdy! Thanks a bunch for dropping by! You are on! I just got some of the various details. I will be flying out on the 19th and arriving around mid-day and leaving on the 22nd in the late evening. Still got to confirm the hotel, but think I will be staying in the city center, to make it easier to move around. Will contact you shortly on Twitter to confirm some more details, once I got them all sorted out!

    Looking forward to that incredible fiesta!! πŸ˜€ heh

  5. Hi Albert! Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for the feedback! Sure thing! You are on! I just sent out a quick e-mail your way to see whether we could meet up. I will be arriving to Barna on the 19th of May, tomorrow, and leave on the 22nd, so I am sure we can get something put together. For sure. Check out the e-mail I sent and hope to see you in a few hours or a day or two πŸ™‚
    Till then!

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